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Google chief calls law to prevent artificial intelligence from “harming society”


Sundar Pichai, the chairman of the giant American technology and Internet services company, called on Google to set legal controls for the new technology that is expected to change workflows in various industries in the coming years.

Pichai specifically pointed to the possibility of so-called “fake videos” being fabricated, in which the faces of real people are used in obscene or obscene videos without their consent or their knowledge.

“There needs to be regulation… you need laws… there needs to be consequences for those who create elaborate fake videos that are used to harm society,” Pichai said in an interview with US television network CBS.

Experts have long warned about the dangers of deception and misinformation using artificial intelligence, known as artificial intelligence, which can create text, images and videos that mimic those created by humans.

These concerns have increased recently, particularly after an image of the Pope was fabricated using artificial intelligence techniques, as well as a group of images that showed an operation to arrest former US President Donald Trump.

Artificial intelligence applications, for example, create their own content based on a large amount of data that is processed to identify the most accurate features, characteristics and style of the person who can create the content. In the case of generating texts, for example, AI chatGBT programs write sentences based on analyzing the appropriate word order.

One of the dangers of this technology is that it can sometimes generate texts that contain completely wrong information without the user realizing it.

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Pichai says that anyone who has dealt with artificial intelligence for a while is fully aware that it is different from all previous technologies, so regulations and social rules must be put in place to think about how this technology is used. He also said that advanced technology should not be allowed when the society is not ready to absorb it and deal with it.

It comes as Beggar’s Google is building a chat platform using artificial intelligence to compete with GBT Chat, which has grown rapidly since its launch late last year.

Google launched a new site, Apprentice Cool, which is similar to GBT Chat, developed by OpenAI, but is also testing the possibility of using a question-and-answer format on the Google search engine.

• Bishai: Advanced technology should not be allowed to be introduced when the society is not ready to absorb it and cope with it.

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