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51 million dirhams, auctioned 114 unique number plates in Dubai.


Dubai – Gulf
In this series of auctions, auction number (114) of the last public auction for the year 2023 for unique vehicle plate numbers in Dubai was (51) million and (216) thousand dirhams. The auction proceedings were held on Saturday, December 30, 2023 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Dubai.

(AA30) achieved the highest price as this number sold for (4) million and (540) thousand dirhams, followed by number (O48) for (2) million and (804) thousand dirhams and number (AA555), which sold for (2) million and ( 560) sold for one thousand dirhams, (T64) for (2) million and (400) thousand dirhams, then (Q66666) sold for (1) million. and (610) thousand dirhams.

In this public auction, the Commission issued (90) unique numbers including two-, three-, four- and five-point numbers for unique license plates for vehicles of the following categories: (AA-IJ -MNO -QRSTUVWXYZ).

While issuing unique numbers in its public and electronic auctions, the Roads and Transport Authority follows an effective strategy based on well-thought-out plans and provides neutrality, transparency and equal opportunities to those seeking unique numbers. As these unique numbers represent important occasions, symbols, events and milestones in their lives, they are through auctions of authority.

These auctions are of great importance to the Authority as they cater to the aspirations and preferences of a wide range of public. Therefore, the Authority seeks to organize them according to the market needs, delight these types of customers and increase their stature. Level of satisfaction with the Authority's services in this sector.

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