January 31, 2023

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5,578 new corona cases in Germany – Govit-19

The German “Robert Koch” Institute for Infectious and Infectious Diseases reports that the number of new infections with the growing corona virus registered in the country has reached 5578 in the last 24 hours, based on local health data. Fields.

By comparison, last Friday, the number of new infections reached 3,448.

The company recorded 19 new deaths from the virus in twenty-four hours, compared to 24 new deaths last Friday.

The highest number of daily injuries reported so far in Germany on December 18 was 33,777, including 3,500 of late inclusions. It recorded the highest daily deaths by the virus on January 14 with 1,244 cases so far.

The spread of the disease to every 100,000 people in Germany in seven days continues to rise, reaching 30.1 cases on Friday and 27.6 cases on Thursday. The lowest rate was recorded on June 6 with 4.9 injuries, while the maximum rate on December 22 was recorded with 197.6 injuries.

It should be noted that the infection rate so far is based on the fact that the authorities have taken a number of restrictions to deal with the epidemic, and the authorities also take into account other criteria such as hospital admission rates.

This brings the total number of confirmed virus cases in the country to 3,810,641, according to data from the institute.

The total number of victims of corona reached 91,853 and the number of rescued reached 3,675,800.