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The Sheikh Saeed Grand Mosque Center emphasizes the importance of investment for youth


Abu Dhabi (Etihad)

The Sheikh Saeed Grand Mosque Center in Abu Dhabi has organized a week-long series of events to coincide with the International Youth Day, which falls on August 12 each year, to highlight the centre’s interest in the youth section. Interested in investing in their energies and developing their skills and abilities. Cultural tourism experts and graduates of the “Ibn al-Dar” and “Small Cultural Guide” projects participated with their parents.
As part of the activities of International Youth Day, as part of its efforts to improve its practices and as part of its efforts to continuously improve its offerings to visitors from different cultures around the world, the Center has organized cultural tours – overseas – in several languages: Arabic, English and Korean, cultural tourism at the center from the people of the country. Presented by a panel of experts, the interface of the State and the human values ​​and policies that underlie it are a global goal, with different cultures and age groups around the world following it through the Centre’s site on the World Wide Web (Instagram), at the time tolerance, sympathy and respect for the United Arab Emirates Explained to them. By providing the best model for the son of the Emirates, the world realized the vision of the late Sheikh Saeed bin Sultan Al Nahyan – may his soul rest in peace – to build communication bridges and create channels for civilized dialogue between different cultures.
The center organized a ceremony to honor the graduates of the “Ibn al-Dar” and “Small Cultural Guide” projects, who gave significant responses and impressive results in the presence of parents. The number of “Ibn al-Dar” graduates for 2020 reached 9, while the number of “Small Cultural Guide” graduates reached 21 trainees in the same year. The “Ibn al-Dar” program has reached 18 courses since its inception, with 190 trainers enrolled. 389 trainees.
Ahmed Abdullah Al-Nuaimi, a graduate of the “Ibn al-Dhar” project, said: “Today we are pleased with this honor and have benefited from many educational workshops and field trainings. Establish Al Nahyan’s contributions – may God bless his soul – and the noble values ​​he established for the UAE community.
Jamal Tabed al-Muhri, the father of the graduate, Mariam Jamal al-Muhri, expressed his pride in graduating from the program, and stressed that the program is of special importance as the Sheikh Saeed Grand Mosque Center provides opportunities for training and employment. Emirati citizens, and qualify them in the field of providing cultural tours, and offers them job opportunities. Part-time in the center.
Fatima Abdul Hameed Al-Fahdi, a graduate of the “Small Culture Guide” program, said: “The Small Culture Guide program has given us special skills through different cultures. UAE.”
The mother of the graduates, Hilal and Fatima Abdel Hameed Al Fahdi, said: “Soraya Ismail Al Ameri is one of the most important annual programs offered by the Small Cultural Guide Project Center, which reflects real wealth.

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