April 2, 2023

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569 publications of "Emirati Publishing" at the Amman and Riyadh Exhibitions

569 publications of “Emirati Publishing” at the Amman and Riyadh Exhibitions

Sharjah: “Gulf”

The Emirates Publishers Association participated in the Amman and Riyadh International Book Fairs from September 23 to October 10, with 569 titles exposing the Emirati literary movement; On the Arabian horizon, it opened its doors to 27 Emirati publishers (platform project) to expand its presence from the local space.

The association’s participation in the two exhibitions came with the aim of building bridges with Arab and international book fairs, and empowered the local publisher as part of its efforts to assist and support the Emirati publishing industry to increase its presence in the Arab and regional markets. And support the authors to offer their products to a wider audience, under the direction of the Association’s Strategic Vision and Mansa program launched in 2019 to provide member publishers with less than 20 publications. Their work in different countries of the world.

Ali bin Hadem, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association, was keen to continue the efforts of the exhibition organizers and their positive and practical contribution in support of the publishing industry in the region. Recovering from the aftermath of the “Govit-19” epidemic in the publishing industry, publishers are returning to showcase their publications at international exhibitions.

He praised the exemptions and discounts offered to publishers at both exhibitions: “We thank the Exhibition for the facilities provided and the reduction in participation fees for publishers, and we thank the publishers for offering exemptions. For generous and direct support to the authors and the publishing industry, for the entire collection.”

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