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59.3 billion dirhams, profits of “ADNOC Gas” and “Briskite” shares since listing


ADNOC Gas and Presite shares have fetched more than 59.3 billion dirhams since listing on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange until the end of last March. The two listings raised the market capitalization of the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange to over 189.4 billion dirhams, with 181.9 billion dirhams distributed, after listing the market capitalization of “ADNOC Gas” and “Briskite” to 7.5 billion dirhams. .

Shares of “ADNOC Gas” have gained about 48.3 billion dirhams in 15 sessions since the start of trading of its shares, raising its market capitalization to 230.2 billion dirhams from 181.9 billion dirhams at the end of last March.

Since its listing, the trading volume of the shares has reached 2.03 billion dirhams, after trading 717.6 million shares by executing more than 29.6 thousand transactions. Since listing, the share price has risen about 26.6% to close at three dirhams at the end of last month, compared to an offer price of 2.37 dirhams. ADNOC Gas shares were listed on the Abu Dhabi market on March 13, the largest initial public offering ever on the market and the world’s largest initial public offering after raising total proceeds of 9.1 billion dirhams so far this year.

The ADNOC Gas IPO achieved strong demand for the initial public offering in the UAE, with total demand across all segments reaching AED 450 billion, roughly 50 times the total target value. According to the watchdog, Presite’s stock gained about 10.9 billion dirhams in the five sessions since trading on its stock began, boosting its market capitalization from 7.5 billion dirhams at the time of listing to 18.5 billion dirhams at the end of last month. Since the listing, trading of shares has reached 407 million dirhams after trading 125.8 million shares by executing 9,699 transactions. Since listing, the share price has risen nearly 146.3% to close at Dh3.3 at the end of last month, compared to an offer price of Dh1.34.

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Pressid shares were listed early last week after the offering raised about 1.822 billion dirhams, amid exceptional demand from ordinary and professional investors, bringing total demand for the common shares to 94.9 billion dirhams. Except for the major investor in the company represented by the “International Holding” company. Presite was offered 1.359 billion shares at a fixed price of 1.34 dirhams per share, representing 24.24% of the company’s capital.

• “ADNOC Gas” share, its market capitalization increased from 181.9 billion dirhams at the end of last March to 230.2 billion dirhams.

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