May 30, 2023

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5G networks are causing an air traffic crisis in the United States

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Yesterday, two telecommunications companies, Verizon and AT&T, launched a fifth-generation network in major US cities, triggering an “air crisis” following the cancellation of flights by a number of international airlines, according to observers. According to the “Sky News Arabia” website, “Uncle Sam”.

According to the “Flyer Aware” website, about 215 flights scheduled to take off or land at US airports were canceled shortly after the network launch was announced.

Among the airlines that announced the cancellation of their flights on Wednesday were Emirates Airlines (which announced the continuation of its flights), Indian Airlines, ANA (All Nippon) and Japan Airlines.

Some airlines have also sought to change the model of aircraft used in their flights to the United States.

Both telecommunications companies spent billions of dollars on 5G licenses last year, but companies in the aviation industry have raised concerns about possible interruptions in wireless altimeters, which could use the same frequencies if the weather is bad.

Aeronautics experts say the reliance on robot landing gear increases drastically during bad weather. They explain that radiation from new devices for “5G” networks can interfere with devices such as aircraft-based radar for landing and altitude detection.

They point out that this interference can cause light interference during the landing process or damage to the communication process with the control towers.

Hans Westberg, Verizon’s CEO, told CNBC he hoped the airline problem would “pass” following cooperation with “all stakeholders, including the White House.”


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