June 3, 2023

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6 features of the new Telegram beta app on Android and iPhone

6 features of the new Telegram beta app on Android and iPhone

Developers of the new beta version of the Telegram beta app for Android and iOS 8.0 smartphone operating systems have begun testing the more communication options, chat management and news feed they add to Messenger.

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6 Features of the new Telegram Beta 8.0 application

You can quickly navigate to the unread news channel and you can swipe up to change other readings that are not shown at the end, this function works for existing channels and conversations in the galaxy.

The Telegram beta application can hide the sender’s name in messages sent to other chats, and by clicking on the message for that particular chat, the tool availability is even lower.

The founder of Telegram Pavel Drove previously mentioned the possibility of ads appearing on the free news service, referring to the appearance of the advertised inscription and advertising messages.

The Telegram Beta application differs from other applications in that it allows recording audio conversations with soundtrack, but also video recording that comes with it, as well as Telegram Portrait and Landscape.

Multi-color gradient animation when you move messages with a gradient tray.

In the Telegram application, you can now quickly update a GIF with the same meaning, replace the emoji with a sticker, and the sticker selection process will be displayed in the status bar.

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