June 7, 2023

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"Kafu Rizal al-Baha" topped Saudi Twitter after a woman tried to participate in "Al-Artha".

“Kafu Rizal al-Baha” topped Saudi Twitter after a woman tried to participate in “Al-Artha”.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Activists spread videos on social media of a woman trying to participate in traditional (traditional dance) during events in the Al-Baha area of ​​Saudi Arabia.

The reaction of the organizers of the event and the manner in which they handled the girl provoked widespread contact among the activists, which appeared on the hashtag “”Set up the men of the yardIt topped the list of the most important topics discussed by Saudi Arabia’s Twitter users on Monday morning.

Following the spread of the video clip, the Saudi Public Prosecution released a reminder tweet, which the Emirate of Al-Baha region reposted on its official Twitter page, citing the penalties imposed by law for filming or slandering others there. , Says: “Any practices or behaviors involving the misuse of smart phones are prohibited from infringing on the privacy of the workplace, defaming or harming others or violating public morals or using various information technology methods.

It is noteworthy that al-Artha is a folk dance in the kingdom performed at national events and celebrations, and this was previously the case in wars.

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