March 29, 2023

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6 Predictions About Changes Towards Green Growth By 2030 .. Here Are What They Are

6 Predictions About Changes Towards Green Growth By 2030 .. Here Are What They Are

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Huawei’s report titled “Green Growth 2030” predicts that by 2030, 80% of energy will be generated from renewable sources and that energy efficiency will increase 100-fold.

Aiming to paint a solid picture of the future such as low carbon life, renewable energy, fully electrified transportation, zero carbon buildings and green industries, this report focuses on how green development will transform aspects of public life and future industries. And digital infrastructure plays an active role in life.

The report said that digitalization and decarbonization are the two strong driving forces behind green growth, and these changes are more visible in sectors such as energy, industry, transportation, buildings and digital infrastructure. It includes 6 predictions:

1. Renewable energy sources guide the main stream

More than 50% of electricity is derived from renewable energy

2. The industry has switched to green energy

Every 10,000 workers will work with 390 robots

3. Acquisition of comprehensive electrification of the transport sector

There will be 145 million new energy vehicles and 100 million private charging files worldwide

4. Future buildings will reach net zero carbon

All new buildings are expected to run on net zero carbon

5. Green digital infrastructure will become a prerequisite

Digital infrastructure will be 100 times more energy efficient by 2030

6. The low carbon lifestyle will become more and more popular

The global digital healthcare market is expected to grow more than 10-fold.