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Important Features to Know When Choosing a Restaurant POS System in Dubai



Restaurant point of sale (POS) software differs from standard POS development software. If you want to purchase a decent quality Restaurant POS system in Dubai, you should not wait until the last minute. Allow plenty of time to research and compare POS solutions thoroughly. The best method to select is to assess the amount and quality of features offered. It would be beneficial if you additionally examined how well the software fits into your desired restaurant concept.

Evaluating and selecting a new restaurant POS system may be time-consuming for anyone. There are so many point-of-sale systems on the market in the UAE and throughout the world these days that you may not know where to begin.

What is POS System?

Previously, a POS system referred to a store’s cash register. Modern POS systems are digital, so you can check out a client no matter where you are.

A POS system computes the price of an item, including any applicable sales tax, and then changes your inventory count to reflect that the item has sold. On the other hand, advanced POS systems go far beyond this to function as the core hub of a business, handling many critical duties such as sales, inventory and customer management, reporting, pricing modifications, and so much more.

Keep in mind that there are several types of systems available. Learning what a POS system is—its software and hardware elements and what it can do—will allow you to make an informed purchasing decision that matches your unique requirements.

How does a POS system work?

A POS system combines hardware and software to sync and track your sales, inventory, payments seamlessly, and other data, whether you sell in person, online, or both. POS software is what maintains track of all your transactions in one location and might contain the capabilities outlined in the following section, depending on the POS system you use.

Typical hardware components are as follows:

  • Cash register

  • A POS terminal, such as a monitor, iPad, Android tablet, or mobile app

  • Barcode scanner

  • Credit card reader

  • Cash drawer

  • Receipt printer

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The software and hardware comprise a vital tool that allows your company to run everyday operations more efficiently, saving you time and providing insights into client behaviour to help you identify trends.

Key features to look out for

When deciding on the best POS system for your company, it’s critical to consider the offered software features and capabilities. Here’s a breakdown of essential elements available in a POS system that may help you restrict your search based on your company’s requirements.

One thing you must need to know about real estate software development in Dubai. When evaluating point-of-sale systems, make sure the system is a good fit for your business idea. For example, if you own a busy restaurant and bar, you might not want to buy a POS designed for a tiny quick-service café. The two systems may appear identical with a touchscreen display, yet the front of house and back of house software may be entirely different. Because not all POS solutions are made equal, we’ve compiled a list of the top characteristics you should look for in a restaurant POS system.


There are systems on the market that can manage your restaurant or bar in every way conceivable. The problem is establishing a happy medium between features you require and characteristics you do not require. You may desire the Cadillac of all systems, but do you need hundreds of features that you may never use? The more money you spend on a system, the more difficult it might be to administer.


One of the most crucial characteristics of a restaurant or bar POS is its quickness. On a busy Thursday or Friday night, you can’t afford to have a sluggish system. Many of today’s tablet devices are reliant on your internet connection speed. So, if your connection is slow, your POS will be dead.


As previously said, not all POS software is made equal. As a result, you should examine the ease of use of the program configuration and operations throughout your investigation. The easiest method to accomplish this is observing or participating in a product demonstration. Most POS software providers will provide a remote or onsite practical demonstration of their solutions. Some will even supply software demonstrations that you may install on your PC or tablet.

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Having excellent reporting is essential, but your system of choice must include the reports you require to operate a successful business. These are the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports that every restaurant needs, such as sales by item, time, and department, employee labour, sales vs labour expenses, and seating performance, to name a few.


Most high-quality POS development systems in the UAE will include inventory control. Thus there is no reason not to implement inventory management. You may subtract the count from your inventory figures when you make a sale. If you want or need to be more detailed, most systems will include third-party interfaces that can employ more powerful stock platforms created expressly to track your product.


Please find out how simple it is to add or edit a menu item before buying anything. When you modify a menu item on some systems, the entire server and workstations must be rebooted for the changes to take effect. Who has that kind of time? Trust me on this one: ask the POS dealer in UAE or trainer how difficult it is to change a menu item during your presentation, as described in number 3 above.


It is just as crucial to have the resources and tools you need to sell and develop your business in the UAE to collect money from clients. You want POS capabilities that will help you increase revenue and keep clients coming back. Loyalty programs, gift cards, customer awards, messaging tools, automated promotions based on customer purchase activity, and special promotions to attract traffic during quiet periods are just a few available features.


Because not all systems provide training, inquire whether it is included. Some POS firms in the UAE may feature online essential training videos. Other businesses could have a trainer that works with you remotely. Alternatively, your POS dealer may conduct training onsite. Either way, make sure your system has the necessary training to get up and run.

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You’ll need this function if you’re handling table seating, and it’s critical for managing your front-of-house operations. You’ll need to know the state of your tables at all times. For example, which tables are occupied, cleaned, or free. The program should also be integrated with a reservation system, which can instantly change your table status depending on customer reservations. This integration provides a unified interface for controlling your tables and seating arrangements.


Quality service and support may make or break your business or, at the very least, decide your degree of irritation. Here’s one of the better hints we can provide. Contact the support number first when investigating your POS in UAE, not the sales number. Here are some items to consider. How fast do they answer the phone? Were you put on hold immediately away? Is the person you speak with on the telephone pleasant and helpful? Inform the support representative that you are investigating their product and ask them what they enjoy best about the product they support and the most common complaint they hear about their product.


Altamira researched Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah restaurants, bars, and cafés to discover the demands and requirements for a superb POS development system created exclusively for the UAE and Gulf markets. POS includes all of the characteristics described above. We can confidently suggest it to any restaurant or cafe in UAE to begin utilizing it and growing your business in the UAE. I hope you understand about Important Features of POS systems and real estate software development in Dubai.

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