March 29, 2023

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6 Values ​​were added to the benefits of women in the Federal Pension Act

6 Values ​​were added to the benefits of women in the Federal Pension Act

The Public Pensions and Social Security Commission has confirmed that the Federal Pension Act is replete with many additional values ​​that characterize the insurance benefits that women enjoy under the Federal Pension Act in appreciation of their role in serving their family and community. The Director of Rights, explained the following benefits:
A woman (10) can buy nominal years to improve the retirement rate during retirement because this period gives her the opportunity to increase her pension (20%).
If someone in the daughter, sister or mother is widowed or divorced the law creates an additional share for them and they have no other salary or pension. Unable to earn after the death of the pensioner, they have no other salary or pension.
The law allows a widow the right to combine her share in a husband’s pension or the salary she receives from work with her share of the pension.
The pension law equates between men and women when the pension is distributed to the beneficiaries because the pension is not considered a legal inheritance and therefore it establishes the right of the girl’s brother to receive an equal share.
The boy’s role is suspended when he reaches the age of (21) or (28) if he continues to study, while the girl retires without interrupting her role due to age until she meets other eligibility criteria.
The law guarantees the right to gender equality in the distribution of pensions to beneficiaries, and the insured woman’s pension will be paid to the beneficiaries of her heirs if the deceased meets the eligible conditions, whether male or female. Of a man.

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