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Hamdan bin Mohammed: “Dubai continues to strengthen its position in the global innovation race”


Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Governing Council, affirmed that Dubai continues to strengthen its position in the global innovation competition and leverage the innovative capabilities of national capabilities in various fields. A firm commitment to enhance Dubai’s position as a city that provides a leading global model in innovation. To promote and stimulate innovation in various fields.

He said: “Dubai is a city of new opportunities and the future, as it has made innovation, creativity and flexibility in work part of its identity, the guidelines of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and The Ruler of Dubai aims to establish a culture of innovation in the corporate work environment and various career paths in the emirate to achieve the ultimate goal of government work in its various tracks, serving the people and society.

This happened when the Crown Prince of Dubai attended the graduation ceremony of the first batch of the “Government Innovation Consultant Program” launched by the Government of Dubai Special Program of the Executive Committee’s Secretariat. Dubai Future Foundation and British University Ashridge, which aims to develop the innovative skills of Dubai government employees. Develop and consolidate a culture of proactive thinking and innovation in government agencies by learning about renowned global methodologies and innovative practical tools.

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum congratulated the program’s graduates, calling on them to continue to strive to develop new and creative ideas to improve the capabilities of their subsidiaries and improve the efficiency of government work in general. I urge every employee in Dubai Government to make innovation an attitude.

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The Crown Prince of Dubai praised the efforts of the Government of Dubai’s special program and efforts to improve the capabilities and capacities of government agencies. Staff and their quality inclusion in government institutions. We are interested in the future and its great opportunities.. and what it has to offer.” The project is a new testament to Dubai’s success in establishing a culture of innovation in a diverse and flexible government. An environment led by leading Emirati talents who aim to make people’s lives easier.”

The graduation ceremony was attended by the Secretary General of the Emirate of Dubai Executive Committee, the Chairman of the Special Program of the Government of Dubai, Abdullah Mohammed Al Basti, and the General Coordinator of the program, Dr. Hasa Al Nuaimi.

Stimulating environment

On this occasion, Abdullah Mohammed Al Basti said that the Government of Dubai does not recognize the race for innovation and leadership, but always strives towards new frontiers. and the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, and will be followed by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Committee.

Al Basti said: “The Government of Dubai has worked, and is still working, to create a stimulating and incubating environment for ideas and innovation by providing all the necessary skills to advance government work in support of various strategic sectors. With the graduation today. The Dubai Excellence Program is part of the first batch of the government-initiated “Government Innovation Advisor Programme”. , we are opening new doors to turn ideas into reality and continue to raise the level of services offered to everyone living and working in Dubai.

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He concluded by saying, “We look forward to the graduates of the ‘Government Innovation Advisor Programme’ making concrete efforts to realize Dubai’s vision for a global future contributing to its industry and excellence in various fields.”

Continued support

For his part, Dr Hasa Al Nuaimi, General Coordinator of the Dubai Government Special Program, expressed his sincere gratitude and appreciation to the brilliant leadership that continues to support the implementation and improvement of the government work environment in Dubai. The Government Innovation Advisor Program promotes and fosters a culture of innovative thinking and innovation by developing the innovative capabilities of Dubai government employees.

T said. Al Nuaimi: “The Government Innovation Advisor program incorporates the vision of intelligent leadership to align with Dubai’s aspirations for the future and find innovative solutions to improve government work, accelerate the pace of innovation and enhance the development process. The challenges facing the Dubai government to ensure its readiness and ability to achieve sustainable development.”

He added, “The program is interested in integrating innovation as a way of working to create a pioneering future for Dubai within government work streams. The program enhances practitioners’ knowledge of the nature of innovation consulting and its role in decision-making. Creating a specific model of operations within an innovation system that will achieve the goals of future governments.”

50 innovation consultants

The first batch included 50 government employees from 30 government agencies who received the “Government Innovation Consultant” certificate recognized by a special program of the Government of Dubai. During their participation in the 6-month program, the graduates were briefed on global best practices in the field of innovation and how to use its tools with the aim of finding innovative solutions that contribute to improving the government’s efficiency and capacity. The Dubai Future Foundation has partnered with the British University of Ashridge and international organizations specializing in innovation to promote the excellence of the Government of Dubai.

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Three training courses

The “Government Innovation Consultant Program” includes three main training courses: the first is based on the “learning course” and generating innovative thinking through topics related to innovation and learning from best practices and innovation tools, the second is the “experiential course” “which allows participants to achieve innovative solutions to the most pressing challenges Allows the use of innovation tools and can present them to the relevant authorities. The third course is the “Discovery Journey” in which participants learn about best international practices through knowledge seminars with experts and experienced innovative companies in the UAE.

Multiple training programs recorded through the Dubai Government’s special program digital platform, live remote knowledge sessions with international experts, knowledge seminars in the field of innovation, and learning methodology designed to help participants learn about global best practices. Participate in innovative industry and interactive hands-on exercises.

Second installment

It is noteworthy that the Dubai Government Special Program announced the launch of the second batch of the “Government Innovation Consultant Program” involving 35 employees from 29 government agencies in collaboration with the Dubai Future Foundation and the university’s Hult College of Entrepreneurship. Ashridge in Britain specializes in innovation in addition to international companies.

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