June 5, 2023

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600 million loss .. Barcelona president exposes “suspicious transactions”

Juan Laborda, president of the Spanish club Barcelona, ​​told the club’s previous management about the amount of debt and suspicious material transactions.

Laborda was re-elected president Barcelona The club’s offices in Camp Nou were also raided in March 2021, following the resignation of former President Joseph Maria Bartomeu, who was arrested on charges of financial corruption.

At a press conference (Tuesday), he said the club would conduct an independent investigation and review possible mistakes made during Bartomeu’s tenure: “Our reviews show the improper management of the club’s funds and do not rule out illegal enrichment of the accused.”

Laporta pointed out that Barcelona had filed a complaint against Bartomeu and his council with a local lawyer last Wednesday, noting that the prosecutor had prosecuted them for crimes including mismanagement of club funds, fraud and falsification of accounts and documents.

He concluded: “We are not judges or guards. The judiciary will determine whether he is guilty or not, but our investigations have shown unfair payments and bogus or inappropriate payments from the previous administration.”

Bartomeu’s lawyer Jose Maria Foster Fabre told Reuters the latter was “completely silent” about the allegations, but did not comment further as he was not allowed to see the results of the investigation and investigation conducted by Barcelona.

Bartomeu or his former adviser, Jaume Masferir, made no statement to the court, and the judge agreed to release him on temporary bail, and the case is still being investigated by Spanish authorities.

600 crore loss

On the other hand, Eduardo Romeo, Barcelona’s vice president of economic affairs, confirmed that Barcelona have lost more than 600 million euros in the last two seasons and only 135 million euros due to the impact of the Corona epidemic. For a letter sent to the Spanish League.

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Presenting the “Judicial Accountability” report in Camp Nou, Romeo said: “As soon as we arrived at the club (in March 2021) they gave us two very hot cases and two files with the bond. Period, and no money to pay salaries. Players “.

The Vice President of Economics, on the other hand, said the forensic accounting report found that no maintenance had been carried out on the club’s facilities over the past seven years, forcing Espai Barca to carry out some repairs before the project could begin.

Commenting on the plan, Romeo announced, “Some of the club’s executives are currently traveling (SB Barca) for funding.

Barcelona are also looking for new sponsors for shirts and training suits, with Romeo acknowledging that “the sponsorship issue is a little too late”, but “they firmly believe the news will come soon.”