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Hisham Majeed: I lost 7 kg to reach the “title holder” form | News


Hisham Majeed, the artist, revealed the body products he made to achieve the desired shape for the football player, the role he played in the movie “The Title Holder”.

Hisham Majeed, while hosting Lamis Al-Hadidi Media’s “One Last Word” show on the channel, said: “I tried to achieve the shape of a football player. I played the game in my childhood, but over time my body changed and I was able to lose 7 kg before the film. . “

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He added, “I wanted to play football again. The problem is, all the teams in the club are made up of young boys, but I met a team over the age of 35 with a team playing on the big field. 11 players, I started training with them for over a year until I reached the required form.

The director of the film, Hisham Fathi, explained that he and Hisham Mahatma were in love with the game of football and that there was a lot of discussion among them about the details of the film on aspects of the lives of the football players.


The program showed a video featuring several clips of Hisham Majeed appearing on the Dictok application, and commented: “I’m active in the application, but not on a large scale, and I spend time every day with good clips, Kareem Mahmood Abdel Aziz is the star of Dictok.

Hisham Majeed, through “The Title Holder”, portrays the personality of a footballer who has become less fit according to his age, and he is married to artist Tina L-Sherbini, and he faces many problems in addition to experience. Pregnancy.

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Also, “The Title Holder” opens in theaters today, February 2, and is directed by Hisham Fati, written by Hisham Fateh and starring Ihab Philip, and starring Hisham Meht, Dina L-Sherbini, Mohammad Salam, Ahmed Fati and many more. Of respectable guests. This is Hisham Majeed’s second collaboration with Dina L-Sherbini and director Hisham Fati in Ramadan 2017 after participating in the “Kasana Paika” series with Ahmed Maki and Sheko.

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