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7.18 million seats are scheduled on Emirates flights in December


Airlines operating at UAE airports have scheduled around 7.18 million seats on international flights departing this December, a 5.7% growth compared to November and a 6.5% increase compared to December 2019 levels, according to data from international body OAG. Provides data for airports and companies.

In the fourth quarter of this year, the number of scheduled seats on flights operating at the country's airports was distributed as 7.18 million seats in December, 6.8 million seats in November and 6.9 million seats. It reached around 20.88 million seats. . In October.

The data shows that the UAE accounts for about 33.1% of the total scheduled seat capacity in the entire Middle East region, indicating that air carriers in the region booked about 21.67 million scheduled seats this December.


The Emirates-India and Emirates-Saudi routes were included in the list of the world's 20 busiest international routes, the data said, with airlines planning more than two million seats on the Emirates-India route in December. 4.6% growth compared to last November and 6.8% compared to December 2019, ranking fifth in the world in terms of most active airlines.

Although the Emirates-Saudi Arabia route came in sixteenth globally, airlines are planning 1.24 million seats, a growth of 4.9% compared to last November. International airlines between Mexico and the United States ranked first in the world as airlines scheduled about 4.71 million seats on the route in December, the data added.

Dubai Airport has continued to experience record growth, supported by the expansion of local carriers, notably Emirates Airlines and Flydubai, in addition to the resumption of several flights through Dubai Airport. So far, the number of scheduled seats on international flights through Dubai International Airport has reached around 5 million seats this December, the data showed.

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As data published by “Emirates Airlines” and “Flydubai” showed, the number of seats occupied by airlines through local airports is expected to continue to rise as many international air carriers continue to start their operations through Dubai Airport. Continued increase in passenger numbers within the networks of the two carriers, along with the relaunch of their flights to several international destinations on six continents and the addition of new destinations to their global networks.

The scheduled seat capacity of flights operated at the country's airports increased in 2022 to reach 63.89 million scheduled seats, compared to 38.16 million seats in 2021, a growth of 67.4%. According to the data of the organization that specializes in providing data for airports and airlines.

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