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7 Best Songs of Nancy Ajram, in which she became a huge hit


With her sweet voice and her beautiful calm smile, Nancy Ajram has managed to secure her place in the hearts of many, especially her fans and fans who are eager to listen to Nancy Ajram’s songs and follow her new everything. With a quick look at Nancy Ajram’s beginnings in the singing world, we will notice that she was already born a popular star. Nancy Ajram, at the beginning of her foray into the world of singing, relied on the color of love, which has simple words within its meanings that help anyone express their feelings towards the one they love. Through the following statement, we will review several old songs that Nancy Ajram performed at the beginning of her artistic career and contributed to assigning her a privileged seat next to the big stars of the singing world. She was a great success.

“Kadalil Majeba” .. Love in the style of Nancy Ajram’s songs

In the songs you provided Nancy AjramIn the album Oh fat, spoiledNancy presented it in a video clip and came up with his idea of ​​a woman trying to get close to a young man, to express her love and admiration for him, in clips of the song expressing this aspect: “I’m in love, I don’t want anyone but him. She is honest with the person she loves.

“What are you thinking?”.. A great effort

This is one of Nancy Ajram’s songs which achieved a great resonance and unique reactions at the time of its release, and as it came with a special and unique character, it was released in the album of the same name during the Millennium. Due to its idea shown by its video clip, its lyrics are based on a special kind of initiative, which is given by a woman who feels the presence of a man who wants to get close to her, but his reluctance to take up the matter stands as a barrier between them, so get rid of her reluctance. , invites him to express his emotional feelings to her. I translated this thing with the lyrics of the song, “Are you quiet thinking about my lover, but why? It’s a word you say for a second.. You take my heart.. Well, tell me, even with your eyes.”

“Sheikh of Youth” reveals the problems of women

Through this song, Nancy Ajram revealed the problems many women face, which is the attachment to arrogant people because of their perceived beauty, the song talks about a young man who is arrogant. His handsome nature is such that he doesn’t care if many girls fall in love with him, the video clip for this song features Nancy Ajram as one of the girls who fall in love with him and he starts narrating to her. suffers in this matter .. “What is his confidence what is his heart, my heart is his beauty, his position, what is his confidence his heart is strong… It is the story of a young Sheikh’s love and admiration turned to pain.

“Oh, peace, oh peace.” A flashback to beautiful memories

That sweet memory has a special place in Nancy Ajram’s old songs, as if she wanted to make sure that she was the artist who came of that time to express the feelings of the generation.. about the youth and beauty of the beginning. A girl who remembers her first meeting with the person she loved…”Oh, oh, oh, how sweet love is…Oh, oh, how sweet love is…with eyes or hands, we want peace. I don’t remember who it was that day.” ” Get dressed.”

“I’ll fight with you, oh” ..regret is allowed and leaving is rejected

Nancy Ajram had a different idea and a special theory, through song I fight with youIt found its beginning in the concept of relationship between lover and beloved, which raised the slogan of fighting and anger, permissible except for separation, which is absolutely unacceptable. And the spirit of the soul, my love, I love with your love, Oh, I will leave you, no.

“Don’t come here.” Another way

In this song, Nancy Ajram chose a different way, away from the other ways people express their overwhelming feelings to the ones they love, and it’s obvious.

The idea behind the song “Don’t Come Here and I Love You” is that a girl tells her boyfriend the truth about her feelings and realizes that they are all in harmony.

“I want someone to love him.” Latest song by Nancy Ajram

Notably, artiste Nancy Ajram released her latest song titled “I Need Someone To Love Him” on her official YouTube channel. The song was written by Ahmad Al-Madi, composed by Ziad Burji and distributed by Hadi Sharara.

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