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Emirates News Agency – “Al-Amal Hospital” opens “Midway Villas” to rehabilitate mentally ill patients


DUBAI, 14th March, 2020 (WAM) — Emirates Health Services Corporation has launched the “Midway Villas” project, a first in the Middle East, aimed at providing psychiatric rehabilitation at its Al-Amal Psychiatric Hospital. As part of a transformative Foundation for Community Mental Health programs, it includes services for long-term inpatients through a systematic, multi-rehabilitation program under the supervision of a specialized team of psychiatric counselors and psychologists.

Dr. Essam Al Jaroni, Managing Director of Emirates Health Services Corporation’s Medical Services Department, confirmed that the launch of this quality program comes within the framework of its efforts to create and pioneer a network of digital clinics for mental health. Tracks in the fields of health, counseling and psychotherapy indicate that Midway Villas is one of the transformative programs. The standards of mental health services, which are in line with the aspirations and goals of the Foundation, have led to the achievement of the goals of UAE Centenary 2071, in line with the aspirations of the vision “We are Emirates 2031”.

He said that the Foundation is keen to promote mental health services in implementation of the National Policy for Promotion of Mental Health and its importance and vital role in strengthening family unity and consolidating social structure to ensure happiness, stability and integration among individuals. Its role is to promote self-sustainability that contributes to creating generations that are active and positively influential in society. To develop psychiatric units and improve awareness services, home care and support services, emergency care and social rehabilitation for patients in psychiatric hospitals of the Trust.

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For his part, Dr. Noor Al Muhairi, Director of the Foundation’s Department of Mental Health, said the Foundation’s strategy for mental health is in line with the National Policy to Promote Mental Health, which identified five key strategic goals. Effectiveness of leadership aspects in the field of mental health and development and expansion of the scope of comprehensive, integrated, needs and targeted mental health services. Coordinating multi-sectoral collaboration to implement policy for all groups and age groups, and to promote mental health and increase prevention capacity from mental disorders for all groups and age groups in the community, as well as improve skills, improve information systems and collect, use and implement data.

He explained that the “Midway Villas” are a quantum leap in the field of providing treatment and rehabilitation services, noting that the capacity of the villas is 18 beds, with the aim of rehabilitating long-term patients through a multi-rehabilitation program. The skill and experience of a specialist team of mental health counselors and psychologists, in addition to occupational therapy and specialist medical care.

Director of Mental Health Al-Amal Hospital Dr. Fatima Al Ali said that “Midway Villas” provides healthcare services to patients suffering from chronic mental illnesses such as psychotic schizophrenia, affective schizophrenia and intellectual disability. Villas are considered a transitional stage between the hospital and the outdoors, with an integrated treatment plan to ensure rehabilitation aimed at integrating patients into the community and providing them with the life skills they need to safely return home with their families. environment.

At one point, Emirates Health confirms that it is interested in an orderly discharge by allowing the treating team to coordinate with the patients’ families and spend time with their families, based on the recommendations of the treating medical staff. Services Corporation is passionate about improving the patient’s health and ensuring a healthy return to his family, this goal is the main pillar. Psychotherapy has a positive impact on patients and their families.

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