June 5, 2023

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7 conditions for extending the contracts of doctors after the age of sixty

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Dr. Youssef Mohammed Al Cherkel, Director General of Emirates Health Services Corporation, said: “In light of what is allowed, the Corporation has set 7 key conditions for renewal of contracts for physicians over the age of 60 and skills.

Responding to a question at the Federal National Council session today, Wednesday, he explained that the lack of expertise in treating the labor market, including specialties such as anesthesia, intensive care, neurosurgery and heart surgery, covers a wide range of conditions. Accidents and Emergencies.

He added that in addition to productivity and performance, considering the physician’s performance appraisal during his previous tenure, the conditions include the absence of a suitable alternative to the physician at retirement. Patient safety and security, which is the main goal of any medical facility, and the presence of patients in a facility that requires expertise from that physician.

Dr. Youssef Mohamed Al Cherkel noted that one of the most important criteria for extending service after the age of 60 to ensure a physician’s physical fitness is the condition that the physician must be in good physical health. Fully fulfill his duties.

He pointed out that the personal aspect falls within the specific conditions for extending the service of any healthcare worker after the age of 60, and that the extension of service is not only related to the will of the health facility, but also the will of the physician, sometimes wanting to retire and not extending the service.

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