August 15, 2022

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The Federation of Technical Syndicates has rejected Honey Shaker's resignation

The Federation of Technical Syndicates has rejected Honey Shaker’s resignation

The General Federation of Art Syndicates, led by director Omar Abdel Aziz, has issued a statement rejecting the resignation of Egyptian artist Honey Shaker from the post of syndicate of Egyptian musicians announced yesterday.
What happened, in an official statement signed by Artist Syndicates Public Federation, director Omar Abdel Aziz, acting industry syndicate Ashraf Jackie and cinematography syndicate Masad Fouda. Monday, June 27th, is unfortunate and does not correspond to the ancient history of the Syndicate of Music Industries, which includes the forerunners of the great composers, Qawqab al-Sharq um Kultum, the musician of generations, Muhammad Abdel Wahab and other composers in the music industry. It affected the conscience of the Arab people and expanded their influence to the world.
The statement added: “In light of what has happened, the union will not stand in the unfortunate scene without taking its part in making a number of decisions in accordance with the provisions of Act 35 of 1978, which was decided by the Union. Take all measures.
He continued: The General Confederation of Technical Syndicates, which represents Egyptian artists, rejects the resignation of the great artist Honey Shaker and supports him with all sorts of support to defend his rightful place as a great artist. The field of song can occupy a prominent place among the creators, and a captain whose era saw a remarkable growth, not only at the level of the general assembly but rather of the community as a whole. May God help us to serve creativity and creators in our beloved Egypt and the Arab world. Syndicate of Cinematography, Ashraf Jackie and Mossad Fouda, Syndicate of Acting Industries.

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