January 28, 2023

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طقس اليوم.. مائل للحرارة نهارا على القاهرة الكبرى والعظمى بالعاصمة 28 درجة

7 degree drop in Cairo

Revealed Meteorological Commission He pointed out that as of Sunday, June 12, the date for the end of the extreme heat wave in the country, temperatures would drop.

The Meteorological Department has forecast that the temperature will drop to Greater Cairo in the north of the country and Egypt to the north of the north:

– On the north coast (7: 8) degrees Celsius, low.

From Greater Cairo and Lower Egypt (6: 7) degrees Celsius.

From the north of Upper Egypt (4: 5) degrees Celsius.

On Sunday, the weather will be hotter during the day as far as Greater Cairo in the north of the country, and much hotter in the south of the country.

The Center for Meteorology expects this to be witnessed today, Friday Weather Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, southern Sinai and southern Upper Egypt will be hotter during the day, warmer on the northern coasts and milder throughout the night.

Today, the Meteorological Department pointed out that there will be water fog in the morning and evening winds in most parts of some roads leading to and from the cities of Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northern coast and the canal.

Today’s Friday temperatures are: Greater Cairo 38 degrees and low 26, Greater Alexandria 35 and low 23, Great Matroh 32 degrees and low 22, Great Sohawk 42 degrees and low 24, Great Kina 43 degrees and low 25, Great Aswan 44 degrees and lows. 28.

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