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7 Mistakes That Will Slow You Down Burning Calories


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Metabolism or metabolism is known as one of the main processes in the body; Where food is converted into energy through a series of chemical reactions within the digestive system; So, even if you follow a diet sometimes, the metabolic imbalance causes you to burn calories slowly and gain weight.

1. Random foods:

Scientific studies indicate that not following a regular schedule for food plays a major role in preventing the body from working properly, which leads to the inability to lose excess weight, and greatly affects the burning process, and following a strict low-calorie diet. to expend energy, thus slowing metabolism.

2. Deficiency of proteins:

Not getting the recommended amount of protein for a person’s age and health condition negatively affects metabolism and slows down the burning of calories. Digestion of proteins from meat and grains requires a lot of energy from the body, raising the metabolic rate to about 30%.

3. Fast Food:

Fast foods and processed foods are among the things that inhibit metabolism and fat burning because they are full of sugar, bad fats, and white flour products. By reducing the intake of carbohydrates and sugars the body relies on its reserves. Systems and components with required power. Therefore, experts advise to follow a healthy diet that contains the necessary nutrients for the body, and studies have found that omega-3 fatty acids increase metabolism; Because it contains beneficial fats.

4. Dehydration:

Lack of water and fluids from the body tops the list of mistakes that prevent you from burning calories and not losing weight. Therefore, nutritionists advise drinking the recommended amount of water and eating foods including watermelon, strawberries, melons, oranges, cucumbers and tomatoes.

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5. Decreased physical activity:

Research has shown that intense workouts can increase your metabolism for 4 consecutive days, and vice versa if you’re low.

6. Sleep disturbance:

Burning fat and extra calories is associated with improved sleep timing, and studies have found that people with sleep disorders, chronic insomnia, or those who stay awake for long periods of time at night may not be able to rid their bodies of fat. They tend to gain weight.

7. Stress and Tension:

The body’s secretion of the cortisone hormone increases when feeling anxious, stressed and stressed, which leads to the inability to lose weight and negatively affects the metabolic process.

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