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Mona Al-Ali brings the lives of fathers and grandfathers into a novel


Sharjah: Ashraf Ibrahim

Mona Al-Ali is a storyteller, novelist and plastic artist who lives in the aesthetic sense of writing and the arts she practices. He is another voice for the creative woman who carries her idea and takes her closer to her dream. A galley of stories that take the reader to the heights of wonder. Her credits include three literary works, including “The Mirror.” A deafening song from the window.” These books paved the way for her side. Along with her peers in Emirati feminist literature, she has around 100 paintings to her credit, and she has several short films that have participated in international festivals and won awards to her credit, but she is always looking for something to say in a book. Dazzling pictorial style includes the ability to create letter sounds and images.

In place of a long narrative story, Al-Ali calls for another autobiography with a lot of imagination, although the construction of the novel travels to an ancient time in the Gulf environment with its fascinating elements, reflecting a simple life. The fragrance of beauty, through which important signs appear in the lives of parents and grandparents, shows this creative aspect in a new language characterized by softness and sweetness, in depicting traditional life, closer to the reality of ancient life. Inspired by the details of the past in an imaginative manner that expresses the novelist’s desire to explore the vibrant patterns of Gulf life, he gives the role of heroism to a man who manages to distribute twenty characters judiciously across the pages, but is confronted. Lots of obstacles, and the author manages to leave the results open to interpretation so that the reader finds out what happens at the appropriate moments in a useful and interesting way. Al-Ali has a suggested title for the novel, which is “My Finger Didn’t Sink.” She is familiar with allegory, and has the ability to add a kind of symbolism to her works in proportion to the content of ideas and suggestions that enhance her dramatic plot in the fabric of a novel full of expressions of freedom.Creativity.

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Although he ventured into writing short stories, he established himself in the art of literary writing, essentially being a visual artist, identifying the intersections of conceptual art and creating a body of work that registers his presence in the art world. It is considering holding a solo exhibition of 30 paintings by him specifically to represent the ancient forms of traditional doors and their human stories in the scene of authentic folklore. Supporting the humanity of the ancient environment, including its rich and irresistible natural forms, it will additionally participate in other paintings in this exhibition, in which it shows the houses of the ancient city and its abundance of things that fill the breasts with joy, and express the contentment that surrounded man in the ancient local environment.

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