March 29, 2023

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8 billion dirhams, UAE stock cash flow in 4 sessions

Cash flow of UAE stocks continued its pace for the fourth session, bringing the total cash flow of the Dubai and Abu Dhabi markets to 8.09 billion dirhams (over 4 sessions since the beginning of this week), accumulating in the Abu Dhabi market. Cash flow reached 2.28 billion dirhams during today’s session, along with a list of Fertiglobe shares.

Abu Dhabi Market

At the end of today’s session, the Abu Dhabi Securities Index was down 0.62% at 7853 points.

The value of trade in the Abu Dhabi market reached 2.08 billion dirhams, while the trading volume was 567.48 million shares.

Shares of First Abu Dhabi and International Holdings fell 1.87% and 0.34%, respectively, while Alpha Abu Dhabi fell 0.89% and Aldar Properties rose 0.74. %

Fertiglob shares are leading with 616.915 million dirhams, followed by Abu Dhabi with 365.21 million dirhams.

The market value of the Abu Dhabi market was reported to be around 1.4824 trillion dirhams, compared to 1.4658 trillion dirhams in the previous session.

Today, the listing and trading of Fertiglobin shares began on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange with the trademark “FERTIGLOBE” and the international identification number “ISIN: AEF000901015”, making it the first company to operate under the free zone system. Capital markets in the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Financial Market

Similarly, the general index of the Dubai financial market fell by 0.06% to 2864 points.

The performance of the Dubai Index was accompanied by an increase of 1.18% and 0.36% for the Dubai Islamic and Emirates NBD, respectively, while the GFH increased by 1.22%, while the Emaar and Emaar malls declined by 0.98% and 1.47%, respectively. Respectively ..

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Shares of Dubai Islami topped the list with a turnover of 58.44 million dirhams, followed by Emaar shares with a value of 53.4 million dirhams.

The stock traded at 208.64 million dirhams with a trading volume of 121.26 million shares through 3.37 thousand deals in the Dubai financial market during today’s trading.

During today’s trading, 17 stocks rose, 9 stocks fell and 4 were stable.