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8 Restrictions on collection of donations within the country


The UAE Digital Government has warned that fundraising through individuals or unauthorized parties exposes the violator to legal liability.

There are eight restrictions on the collection of donations, he pointed out, to protect this type of charitable activity from the risks of exploitation, the main of which is that donations must be collected through a recognized charity or humanitarian organization in the country. Permission obtained from competent authorities.

Collecting money from natural persons or unauthorized parties through unauthorized methods will attract jail terms and fines to violators, he said.

The UAE Digital Government explained that the Federal Law on Regulating Donations aims to regulate donations in the country, protect donors' funds and provide them legally. It also lays down restrictions on collection, receipt and distribution of donations from licensed parties and organizations authorized to collect donations.

The provisions of the Act apply to any organization seeking to collect or distribute donations in the country, including the Free Zones.

He emphasized that fundraising activities through traditional or digital methods are limited to licensed organizations, which include charities, federal, local and private organizations and institutions. No other party may establish, organize or create an activity for the purpose of collecting donations unless permission is obtained from the competent authority.

It emphasized the prohibition of collection of donations from natural persons (i.e. individuals) as it was considered one of the offenses punishable by the law regulating donations. Advertising through social media or websites.

He pointed out that non-profit organizations wishing to collect donations in the UAE must first obtain permission from the Ministry of Social Development or the competent local authority in each emirate.

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Additionally, fundraising must be through a charity or recognized humanitarian organization in the country.

An applicant for collection of donations shall obtain the consent of the charity to collect donations, and shall state the purpose of collection, the names and identities of the persons responsible for collection, beneficiaries or organizations, and the means or means of making the donations. collected, the places where they are collected, the period of their collection and the period for submitting them to the organization is the charity collecting the donations.

Donations can be collected through 14 channels, including bank accounts for collection of donations, ATMs of licensed banks in the country, digital platforms, monthly withdrawals from bank accounts, social media, various marketing and promotional offers and solicitation of donations and direct deposit. Bank accounts and advertisements through various media, concerts, markets, exhibitions, auctions, charity events, paid funds or coupons or receipts in exchange for cash donations, SMS, phone calls, external transfers, various websites.

• A non-profit organization wishing to collect donations in the country must obtain permission.

Penalty for Violation of Fund Raising Act

Whoever collects or receives donations, gifts, bequests or grants from any person or organization outside the country shall be punished with imprisonment and a fine of not less than 200,000 dirhams and not more than 500,000 dirhams, or with both these fines. except in accordance with the regulations and procedures specified by administrative regulations.for law. Penalties are doubled for those who trade in donated money, engage in financial speculation, or distribute earnings or income to members of associations or their employees. Not exceeding 500,000 dirhams, or either of these two fines. The penalty is doubled. In case of recurrence.

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While collecting, accepting or disbursing the donations, the doer does any act which may constitute public order, national security, public decency, or promote any religious, ethnic, racial, religious or cultural disputes or cause any unlawful purpose in accordance with the law prevailing in the country of the doer, again A repeat offense will double the penalty.

In all cases, the Court shall order the confiscation of donations collected in contravention of the provisions of this Act and the deportation of the alien after serving the sentence imposed on him.

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