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Hezbollah's statement after Saleh al-Aruri's killing while awaiting Hassan Nasrallah's speech today


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Lebanon's Hezbollah confirmed Tuesday evening that the killing of Saleh al-Aruri, leader of the Islamist opposition movement “Hamas,” “will not go unanswered or unpunished.” The statement comes amid anticipation for the party's Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah's speech on Wednesday evening.

A statement released by Hezbollah's al-Manar channel said: “We consider the murder of Sheikh Saleh al-Aruri and his fellow martyrs in the heart of Beirut's southern suburbs a dangerous attack on Lebanon, its people, its security. Sovereignty, protest, and political and security news in it. There are great symbols and meanings, and an alarming development in the course of the war between the enemy and the axis of resistance.

The party continued in its statement: “This crime will never go unanswered and unpunished. Our opposition is resolute, proud and loyal to its principles and commitments. Its hand is on the trigger and its opponents are at the highest levels of preparedness and preparedness.

He added: “After ninety days of crime, murder and destruction, the criminal enemy, unable to subdue Gaza, Khan Yunis, Jabaliya camp and other cities, camps and proud villages, is resorting to a policy of murder. The physical liquidation of all who worked, planned, implemented or supported the Al-Aqsa flood operation.” Valor and contributed to the defense of the oppressed people of Palestine.

He continued: “Today's crime is a continuation of the crime of assassinating Commander Sayed Radi al-Moussawi, another operation and a new war and support. This heinous crime will not increase the resistance in Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, Syria. , apart from confidence in Iran and Iraq's just cause, commitment and determination.”

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Notably, Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari dodged questions from reporters about the killing of key Hamas leader Saleh al-Aruri in an Israeli strike in south Beirut on Tuesday. , responded to a question during his daily press conference: “We are focused on the fight against Hamas.” He added: “The Israeli army is on the highest level of readiness in all sectors, defense and offensive… We are fully prepared. In any situation,” he continued. Israel knows about the nature of “weapons that Hamas has in Lebanon”.

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