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9 Dangerous Mistakes to Beware of When Using Electric Heaters in Winter


Written by Sama Labib

Sunday, November 26, 2023 at 07:00 PM

Winter is coming and many people are switching to warm … Electric heatersAs Sun reports, there are several things to take into account when using it, as misuse can lead to fire.

Lesley Rudd, president of the Electrical Safety Foundation, said: “Portable heaters are useful for heating a small space, but if you use them incorrectly, they can be a real danger to your home and life. People who are looking for these… appliances this winter, it’s important that we use them safely.

So here are some important tips for using your heater safely.

1. Place the heater on a flat surface

Uneven surfaces are bad news for your ears as they can fall off and cause a fire, so make sure it’s a level surface, away from anything that could easily fall off.

2. Keep it away from anything that burns easily

Flammable materials such as paper, furniture or curtains can catch fire easily if placed too close to the heater. All these should be kept away from the heater.

3. Do not dry clothes on the heater

Trying to dry clothes on an electric heater is extremely dangerous, so don’t put your clothes anywhere near it.

4. Do not sleep with an electric heater on

It’s important to monitor your electric heater at all times, so don’t leave it unattended, especially while sleeping.

5. Do not use an extension cord

It is not recommended to use an extension lead with an electric heater as it can easily lead to overload and further increase the risk of fire.

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6. Look for damage

After storing your heater for the past year, you may not realize that your heater is damaged. Damage or deterioration is very serious, so stop using it immediately if you notice any symptoms.

7. Buy heaters from a trusted retailer

Make sure you buy from manufacturers or retailers you know and trust, and avoid using used heaters.

8. Register

You should always register your devices and stay on top of important reminders.

9. Make sure your smoke alarms are working

In addition to electric heaters, you should make sure that your entire home has working smoke alarms and one on every floor.

According to an Electrical Safety First survey of more than 3,000 people, four in ten definitely use or use an electric heater to heat a room in their home.

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