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Corona terrorizing China again … isolating the city of 9 million inhabitants


And recorded Health officials There are 4770 new infections across the country, most of them in Jilin province (northeast), and a closure was imposed late Monday in the neighboring city of Shenyang in Liaoning province.

Are doing Chinese authorities Over the past few weeks, efforts have been made to remove key sites of the virus, including measures to isolate, conduct tests to detect infections, and close cities.

On Saturday, Govt recorded two deaths from the disease, the first time in more than a year.

Officials have warned of the dangers of shutting down economic growth as it seeks to strike a balance between the health crisis and the needs of the world’s second-largest economy.

The city of Shenzhen, an industrial zone that includes premises such as the BMW car factory, registered 47 virus cases on Tuesday, while authorities tried to keep all facilities under “closed administration” and prevented people from leaving without giving a negative Govt test. Conducted 48 hours ago.

The President insisted Xi Jinping Last week, he stressed the need to “minimize the repercussions” of the epidemic on China’s economy, but also urged officials to “stabilize” for the “zero covid” strategy currently in use.

However, the Omigron mutant is highly contagious, posing a challenge to the effectiveness and sustainability of the strategy.

Some cities, such as Shanghai, have isolated some buildings, except for one complete stone-throwing one, and hundreds of new daily infections that show no symptoms have risen.

Jill provincial officials announced the arrival of the first 10,000 doses of Pfizer for covit treatment, the first time baxilvit has been used. China.

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Last week, Jill imposed drastic measures on the movement and prevented people from leaving their cities and regions, while several cities isolated their residents.

The city of Shenzhen, a technology hub in southern China, announced on Friday that it was canceling a week-long closure “on a regular basis” after gradually easing measures to reduce the impact of closures on factories and ports. .

Health officials revealed last week that the death rate in Hong Kong, especially among the unvaccinated elderly, was only half that of the Chinese over the age of 80 who received two doses of the vaccine. The decision-making process in Beijing.

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