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91 days of occupation… Dozens of martyrs and injured as a result of the bombing of Gaza


Aggressive aircraft, artillery and gunboats bombarded various areas of the Gaza Strip.

Ambulance and rescue teams this morning recovered the bodies of two martyrs in Al-Jawaida city in the central Gaza Strip, who were killed in an Israeli airstrike on houses yesterday evening, strip medical sources said.

The bodies of three martyrs and five wounded arrived at the Nasser Medical Complex as a result of the aggressive bombing of Mawasi al-Gharara, south of the Gaza Strip.

Aggressive aircraft carried out violent attacks in areas south-east of Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip, and explosions were heard in various parts of the Central Governorate.

Ambulance and rescue teams rescued several wounded from al-Maqassi camp in the middle of the Gaza Strip, coinciding with continued aggressive artillery shelling east of the camp and al-Burij camp.

The occupation warships opened fire on the Deir al-Bala beach in the middle of the Gaza Strip, and continued airstrikes and artillery fire on the city.

Yesterday evening, at least two people were killed and others injured as a result of a series of attacks by Israeli occupation aircraft on Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip.

Medical sources said one person was killed and others were injured in an Israeli attack targeting a residential area in Al-Amal area of ​​Khan Yunis. A woman was killed and several others injured when an occupation aircraft bombed a house in Al-Qarara area of ​​Khan Yunis. The occupying army demolished residential squares in the city of Khusa and adjacent areas east of Khan Yunis.

At least one person was killed and others injured in Israeli airstrikes near the European Hospital southeast of Khan Yunis. In the east, two people were killed in Israeli airstrikes in the al-Foqari area, as airstrikes destroyed a house in the east of the city, Nasser Hospital and Al-Amal Hospital, and the Palestinian Red Crescent Society. Conducted raids near headquarters.

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A video clip showed the bodies of 14 martyrs, including 9 children, being rescued after the occupation aircraft bombed the tents of displaced people near the coastal area of ​​al-Mawasi, west of Khan Yunis.

In Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, an Israeli airstrike targeted a house in the center of the city, killing five people and wounding several others.

In al-Maqassi camp in the central Gaza Strip, an occupation aircraft bombed a house, resulting in several martyrs and injuries.

The Palestinian Red Cross noted that the occupation bombed the house of the director of the Central Governorate Ambulance Center in al-Maqassi camp, which led to several martyrs and injuries, and its crew managed to evacuate two martyrs and five wounded. So far, many people are still trapped under the rubble.

Aggressive drones fired bullets at displaced people near the entrance to al-Mastar village in the central Gaza Strip. Rescue and ambulance crews rescued several martyrs and injured from under the rubble of a house targeted by the occupation aircraft in al-Maqazi camp. Five people were killed and several others injured when occupation forces targeted a car in the new camp in Nusirat, central Gaza.

Occupation artillery shelled al-Jawaida, al-Nusirat, al-Maqassi and al-Burej areas in the central Gaza Strip, and occupation aircraft destroyed a house near Wadi Gaza Bridge.
In Gaza City, medical sources said the bodies of nine people arrived at the Al-Shifa Medical Complex as a result of the strikes in the southern Zur al-Diq neighborhood, which were bombed by the occupation aircraft in the city's suburbs. Port of Gaza.

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In an infinite number, the Israeli occupation of the Gaza Strip in its 91st day has resulted in more than 22,430 martyrs, including 9,730 children and 6,830 women, 7,000 missing and more than 57,600. wounded.

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