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A 100-year-old doctor reveals the secret to a healthy and happy life


A 102-year-old American doctor says decades of experience have taught him lessons for a healthy, happy and purposeful life.

And the doctor, Gladys McCurry, revealed these things in her book “The Wonderful Life: 6 Secrets of a 102-year-old doctor for a Healthy and Happy Life at every age”.

McGarry said, according to the website CNBCAmericans, many of whom live under unnecessary stress, are happier and healthier people who manage to escape those stresses and experiences that do not benefit them.

She explained that her ability to let go of those stressful things and rebuild things like relationships and career is a habit that has led her to a healthier and happier life.

He points out that happy people can decide when it’s time to move forward and not cling to things that might make them feel psychologically stressed.

Steps to decompress

The doctor explained an exercise to contract and move forward by playing some upbeat music and walking around your house or neighborhood.

This is done by allowing your body to move freely and smoothly while walking, and it lets your body dance a little to the music.

After this mental preparation, you can proceed to these three steps:

– Find something that makes you feel stressed and you can’t get rid of it from your life, be it a friendship, a way of thinking, professional aspirations or a feeling of anger or something else.

– Imagine that you can hold these things in your fist, you can feel your fist shrinking, squeeze the imagined things tightly in your fist.

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– To make it go, move your hand back and forth and slowly open your fingers.

However, you can also say phrases that mean more to you, such as “it doesn’t matter” or phrases that are similar to what you think.

When you’re done, the doctor suggests, reflect on the emotional state you experienced, appreciate it, and imagine life flowing through you.

The doctor also confirms that the happiest people she has known in her life are those who have decided when the time is right to let go of stressful things.

She said everyone makes mistakes. “Forgive yourself and, if necessary, ask forgiveness from others so you can move forward in life.”

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