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Doctoral Dissertation (Assessing the Low-Energy Astrophysics Potential of KM3NeT with Deep Learning Techniques) Said bin Dahman’s daughter, Dr. // Maryam bin Dahman.


Arvino: Aziz Al-Wati / December 12, 2023.

Yesterday, the Faculty of Science at Mohammed V University in Rabat, a descendant of the Ben Dahman family, Dr. Meriam conducted the defense of Ben Dahman’s doctoral thesis. He was intelligent and creative in providing the basis for his thesis, and was inspired by the testimony of the supervisory team. The researcher discussed an important and very complex topic that no one has talked about yet, entitled (Evaluating the low-power astrophysics capabilities of KM3NeT with deep learning techniques).
Before a jury consisting of:

Chairman of the Committee:
Noordin Fattouhi, Faculty of Science, Mohammed V University, Rabat.

These directors are:
Yahya Dayalati, Faculty of Science, Mohammed V University, Rabat, Faculty of Science.
Antoine Kouchner, PES, Paris City University, Paris, France.

Muhammad Al-Juwaijri, Ph.D., Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra, Faculty of Science.
Noordin Fattouhi, Faculty of Science, Mohammed V University, Rabat.
Margherita Boisa-Avanzini, Ph.D., Paris-Saclay, Paris, France. (Reporter/Researcher).
Amina Karsach, Faculty of Education Sciences, Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra, Faculty of Sciences. (Explorer).
Rosa Coniglioni, PES, University of Catania Studies, Catania, Italy. (Explorer).
Benjamin Durkheim, PES, Paris City University, Paris, France. (Explorer).

Dr Maryam Ben Dahman surrounded by his respected family, his father, mother, brothers, his family members and some family friends and in the presence of some interested students, at the end of the discussion, the committee decided. All those in the committee award the student researcher a doctorate with distinction and praise. The work done by the student and the new additions he has brought are worthy of appreciation, praise and orders. will be printed and published.

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The Arivino family extends its heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Maryam Ben Dahman, his parents, his brother Karim and all his respected family members. Congratulations to this great scientific genius achieved by Nador’s daughter who made the region proud. A state of scientific phenomenon that serves generations thirsting for greater intelligence in the world of science and knowledge and research and knowledge.

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