June 9, 2023

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A ceasefire does not end.. Sudanese army controls Marawi airport

The Sudanese army declared control of the airport


As the clashes continued, both sides exchanged accusations of ceasefire violations

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In light of the exchange of accusations between the two sides to the conflict in Sudan, the Sudanese army confirmed that its forces defeated the Rapid Support Forces from the Mero airport until it ended a ceasefire that began soon after.

In a statement on Tuesday, he added that his forces had forced the withdrawal of rapid support forces from the airport.

The Army also accused the RSF of not observing the 24-hour ceasefire announced today.

His official spokesman said the Rapid Support Forces “did not stop their fighting” near the General Command and Khartoum Airport, explaining that they fled Marawi Airport after being manhandled by the Air Force and suffered heavy losses.

He pointed out that the second phase of the process of securing the areas around the General Command, up to the heart of Khartoum started today.

Allegations of interference by regional and local parties

He also said his forces had repulsed an attempt by the Fifth Division’s rapid support unit west of al-Abyad.

He also stressed that he has signs of involvement of regional and local parties with quick support, which he will reveal later.

He said he had correct information about the “conspiracy” and would reveal it in due course.

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The ceasefire has not begun to end

The agreed ceasefire in Sudan came into effect for 24 hours from 6pm local time on Tuesday – 7am ​​Saudi time – after the Sudanese army and rapid support forces agreed, amid a major escalation. and shooting in the skies of Khartoum.

However, the ceasefire did not last and clashes broke out again between the two sides a few hours later amid an exchange of accusations over who violated it.

Near the General Command in Khartoum, a marked increase in clashes between the army and support forces was observed despite the planned ceasefire.

An Al-Arabiya/Al-Hadad reporter reported hearing explosions and heavy weapons.

“Al-Arabiya” camera also monitored the launching of anti-aircraft missiles and heavy artillery bombs in Khartoum, and the sound of warplanes was heard in the Sudanese capital.

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The UN human rights commissioner said the civilian death toll between the two forces had risen to 185 and 1,800 injured as clashes continued in Khartoum for a fourth straight day.

The bloody clashes erupted last weekend, days after Rapid Support Forces pushed about 100 vehicles toward their Marawi base in northern state and some at their hubs in Khartoum, prompting the military. It was held without coordination. However, since 2019, in a country moving towards a new democratic regime, the Rapid Support Forces have confirmed that they have refused to withdraw these mechanisms and integrated with the armed forces, only to see fighting erupt later. , turns to ousted President Omar al-Bashir.

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