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A Chinese spacecraft has discovered a "mysterious object" in the dark part of the moon, scientists are confused ... Photos and video

A Chinese spacecraft has discovered a “mysterious object” in the dark part of the moon, scientists are confused … Photos and video

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The Chinese rover “Yudu 2” took a picture, which may seem normal to some at first glance, but a lot of scientists and astronomical centers appeared in the depths of the scene, where what appeared to be agents described as a “mysterious object” of space science.

The captured image received so much widespread attention for being an “element” or a “mysterious object” with a strange object or well-defined geometric shape that the Chinese space agency compared it to a “house or cottage”. When the Chinese spacecraft passes through the “Van Kerman” crater in the dark area from the moon.

A strange “cube” … a controversy among scientists

The Yudu 2 spacecraft photographed a cube-shaped object on the northern horizon 260 feet (80 meters) last November.

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Strange picture taken on the thirty-sixth day of the voyage to the moon, according to the archive of the “Yudu 2” mission published by the “He Space” channel, which specializes in space science awareness. Chinese language in collaboration with the Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA).

In one of its statements, the channel described it as a strange object, such as “mysterious cottage” and came in Chinese (hen 小屋 / shenmi xiaowu), which was only an explanation, noting the nature of the matter. Is not yet confirmed.

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Space exploration centers are trying to explain this scenario

Share Special “space” site Along with space science, the team’s scientists have expressed their keen interest in this “mysterious object”, with the Chinese “Yudu2” spacecraft constantly traversing the lunar regolith and avoiding craters, carefully observing the object. There are expected to be new announcements about this show. “

A possible explanation for this strange shape, which is almost cubic in shape, is that the evidence indicated that it was only a large rock that took its place. Because the asteroid collided with the moon, But what is interesting to some is its “cubic” shape, which may refute these theories, while astronauts predict on Twitter that the object is a missing human corpse.

Space agencies and scientists on social media

Reaching the dark side of the moon first is a craft

It is worth noting that the “Yudu 2” vehicle of the Chinese “Chang ‘4” mission landed on January 3 on the dark and far side of the moon, the only solar powered vehicle in the world. 2019, and the rover has been exploring the 115-mile (186 km) wide abyss of “Van Kerman” ever since.

Imagination of a meteorite hitting the moon - Sputnik Arabic, 1920, 04.12.2021

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Chang’e 4 mission, as its name implies, is the fourth mission to China’s moon and the second mission to land a rover on the lunar surface.

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