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A “common morning drink” that damages your teeth and does not promote digestion!


Drinking a cup of hot water and lemon is a morning ritual for millions of people, including Beyoncé and Jennifer Aniston.

They do this in the hope that it is ‘good’ for the liver and improves the digestive tract.

British Dental Association spokesperson Dr Hannah Woolnoe explained: “Drinking hot water and lemon is often misused as a cure for a range of health conditions. But what’s more worrying is the damage it can cause. To your teeth – which in many cases is permanent. Cases and irreversible, ” as reported by “Russia Today”, citing “Daily Mail”.

Dentist Nilesh Parmar, who runs Parmar Dental in Essex, agrees: “I know a lot of patients who drink lime water and I wish they didn’t. They’re doing it in the false belief that they’re making a healthier option. They’re asking.”

Drinking hot water and lemon doesn’t support the idea that it ‘cleanses or detoxifies’ the liver, says David Lloyd, consultant hepatologist at Leicester Royal Infirmary to ‘detoxify’ the liver or heal liver damage. .You need to stop doing things that make him work harder and cause problems in the first place like drinking or drugs.

This, along with drinking about two liters of water a day, keeps the liver healthy. A cup of hot water and lemon won’t do it. Also, the function of the liver is detoxification, and not “detoxifying” the liver itself.

Dr Stephen Mann, consultant gastroenterologist at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, says there is no equivalent evidence for using hot water and lemon as a digestive aid.

He vehemently rejects the idea, proposed by some ‘natural health experts’, that hot water and lemon stimulate gastric juices, helping to push things forward (by inducing wave-like muscle contractions).

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“The only thing water and lemon do is replace fluids, which is essential for maintaining hydration—but that’s with water, not lemon,” she says.

Also, for those prone to reflux – where acid and other stomach contents back up into the throat – lemon water is acidic, making the problem worse.

Hot water and lemon may seem like a social media-inspired trend, but it first became popular in 1941 when American dietician Stanley Burroughs created The Master Cleanser, a natural way to “liquid cleanse” — including water and lemon. Expels toxins and other impurities.

However, the drink’s enduring popularity is due to lemons’ vitamin C – needed to protect cells from damage, heal wounds and maintain healthy blood vessels and cartilage.

But for teeth, hot water with lemon isn’t healthy—lemon juice is highly acidic and can dissolve the hard, protective enamel surface over time.

Enamel damage can also cause pain and sensitivity as it exposes nerve endings.

If the enamel wears away, the only option is to treat the damage with some type of covering, such as fillings.

If the decay is so extensive that it affects the pulp – the inner layer of the tooth – and is especially infected, it may lead to root canal treatment or tooth extraction.

Dentist Alan Clark, of Paste Dental in Belfast, explains: “Hot water can exacerbate this effect, causing the enamel to expand and contract more quickly, increasing the risk of enamel erosion and leading to sensitivity, decay and tooth loss.”

And saliva can act as a buffer for the acid to some extent, at least because it contains a form of calcium that can mitigate some of the damage caused by the acid – essentially ‘remineralising’ the enamel.

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“The problem is that because it’s seen as a healthy drink, people fill a water bottle with lemon slices and drink it throughout the day,” says Nilesh Parmar.

However, they continue to expose their teeth to acidic water – and it is this prolonged exposure that causes most of the damage.

If you really must drink water and lemon, mix lemon with cold or warm water instead to minimize the damage. [الماء الساخن]”.

After consuming your drink, immediately rinse your mouth with plain water.

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