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Afra Al-Suwaidi transforms “Lego” into works of art with concepts of sustainability


Sustainability is a key idea in the work of Emirati artist Afra Al Suwadi, who is keen to execute her work with environmentally friendly materials and recycled materials.

In addition to declaring the UAE 2023 as the “Year of Sustainability”, Al Suwaidi hopes to launch a campaign in collaboration with specialized companies such as “Recycling” to recycle various items used in daily life, which contributes to the preservation of the natural environment and the preservation of its resources.

Brilliant creations

Al Suwadi transformed his ideas of sustainability into colorful artwork, which he implemented using recycled Lego bricks with the participation of family members. He explained to “Emirates Today”, I was inspired by this idea from the conversations I heard during family gatherings, where mothers complain that children are attracted to games and digital devices. And I thought of turning them into delightful works of art that leave a lasting impression on the recipient, especially children and youth. Works exhibited at Art Booth Gallery, Centro Rotana Hotel, Abu Dhabi.

Arbitrary shapes

Al-Suwaidi collected Lego pieces at intervals, sorted and categorized them by shape, type, material and colors, pointing out that the design of the work and its final form was spontaneous without prior planning. After collecting a suitable number of pieces from her, most of them from the children of the family, « there is a work that some may see as a portal or (arg), and some may interpret it with other interpretations, and when I work in the form of a seat, I do not stick to the usual form, but a I choose size, shape and dimensions that are different from reality to convey the idea.

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Many raw materials

The young artist pointed to his tendency to combine different elements and raw materials to present a different final product that is multi-faceted and has more than one point of view or interpretation, encouraging the recipient to develop his own vision or understanding of the work. In earlier works of art he used newspaper sheets and different papers he collected and used to make figures by mixing these papers together and adding resin to them, drying them and other materials such as adhesive tapes and paints. Artwork, adding: “I collected many things and kept them until I had the right idea to use them, and according to many factors, including the nature of these things, although I started to execute the work, new ideas came to me during the work as ideas called some of them.

Freedom of interpretation

Afrah al-Suwaidi points out that in the exhibitions she participates in, she does not seek to impose her own vision of the work or its interpretation on the recipient. The concept of the work she presents and the message it carries. He added: “My role is to embody my ideas in a work of art. As for the understanding and interpretation of this work, it is natural that it differs from one recipient to another, and the recipient has the right to put his views. He has the opinion and full right to the artwork, and the opportunity to participate in exhibitions.” I often take advantage. With the audience, I understand from them the different interpretations and interpretations of the work I present and the extent to which the thought it conveys reaches them, and sometimes I see that they interpret the work far from the intention, but it remains a perspective to be appreciated.

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• Al Suwadi hopes to start a campaign to use art to raise awareness about sustainability.

• The design of the work and the resulting final form is spontaneous without prior planning.

• Afrah al-Suwaidi: “I collected many things and kept them until I had the right idea to use them in a work of art.”


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