June 9, 2023

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A day before the coronation.. 5 secrets from the life of the new British queen

King Charles III recently gave his wife Camilla the official title of “Queen” ahead of her coronation at London’s Westminster Abbey on Saturday, May 6. Official invitations to attend the coronation revealed the new title as coming from King Charles III and “Queen” Camilla, but not “Queen Consort”, a title given by Queen Elizabeth II to her “niece” Camilla. Before she died.

As the countdown to the coronation of King Charles III of the United Kingdom begins, the British magazine “People” shed light on Camilla’s five secrets, and here are the five secrets covered by the newspaper:

(1) Queen without earrings
Despite a vast treasury of royal jewels at her disposal, Queen Camilla has never pierced her ears and vows she won’t, staying comfortable and true to herself. Sources believe she will not be able to wear the historic Coronation Earrings (1858) like the late Queen Elizabeth wore at her coronation in 1953, as the Queen insists on not having her ears pierced.

(2) She likes the color blue
Queen Camilla is a fan of the color blue, which appears in her various looks on many occasions, most notably in the latest official photo shoot of the royal coronation. She raises a slogan that the color reflects the personality of the wearer, so she sees that she cannot wear purple, but she has never hated bright colors, but she considers this color unworthy of her. .

(3) Her favorite jacket is Arabic
She is famous for playing a key role in preparing King Charles’ appearance on most occasions, and one of her favorite pieces of clothing is a wool and cashmere jacket with a scarf decorated with Arabic inscriptions embroidered in fine silver threads. An official visit to Saudi Arabia in 1998, and she wore it several times.

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(4) She uses honey for her hair
Hairstylist Joe Hansford of 35 years has made a few small changes to the way she styles her hair over the years, as she revealed to the newspaper that the secret to the Queen’s soft blonde look is continuity. Adjust the color according to her skin tone, which changes with age, in light of adding royal honey to keep hair soft and shiny.

(5) 12 pairs of shoes
Due to age, a person prefers comfortable shoes, so Queen Camilla wears shoes from Chanel and Sole Bliss, which appeared recently, of which she had 12 pairs, and used private trainers to walk on stage.