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Meteorology: Very hot in all parts.. Maximum 34 degrees in Cairo


Written by Mahmoud Ragheb

Thursday, 04 May 2023 08:00 AM

Expect a body met Today, Thursday, temperatures will rise in all areas, resulting in cool weather in the morning, Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, northwest coasts and South Sinai, heat in northeast coasts, heat in the afternoon. Hot in the south of Upper Egypt, cool in most parts. .

Today, some roads leading to and from Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, northern coasts, canal cities, central Sinai and northern Upper Egypt are expected to see water fog in the morning and wind activity that could stir sand and wind. Dust in the western desert, and light rain at intervals along the northwestern coasts.

Today, for Thursday temperatures: Cairo, high 34 degrees and low 22, Alexandria high 31 and low 18, Matrouh high 28 degrees and low 18, Sohag high 36 degrees and low 20, Qena high 36 degrees and low 20, Aswan high 38 degrees and a minimum of 22.

Winter ended on Monday, March 20, 2023, Sha’ban 28, 1444 AH, at 23:26, and spring began a few minutes before the end of Monday, March 20, with a length of 92 days, 17 hours. , and 13 minutes.

After the vernal equinox, the apparent movement of the sun continues gradually northward of the equator, and the course of the sun’s rays continues to increase, so the length of the day gradually increases and the length of the night decreases, and the opposite occurs. Until the Sun’s rays become completely vertical in the Southern Hemisphere (23.5) degrees north on June 21 (summer solstice), summer occurs in the Northern Hemisphere, winter occurs in the Southern Hemisphere, and the conditions become those of the Earth’s summer solstice.

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To explain the reason for the four seasons, it results from the sun’s presence in an apparent orbit similar to the stars of the celestial background, which appear fixed in the sky.

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