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A documentary recounting key milestones in the life of Palestinian actress Hiam Abbas has been well received


“Bye Bye Tiberias,” a documentary chronicling key milestones in French-Palestinian actress Hiam Abbas’s life against the backdrop of the war in the Gaza Strip, received rave reviews when it premiered at the Marrakesh International Film Festival on Saturday. . Born in northern Israel in 1960, Hiam Abbas moved to London and then Paris in the 1980s with a desire to enter the film industry.

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“Bye Bye Tiberias”… a documentary film that recalls key milestones in the life of French-Palestinian actress Hiam Abbas, premiered on Saturday. Marrakesh festival The International Film Festival (November 24-December 2) described the warm applause of the Moroccan audience against the background of the war in the Gaza Strip.

The audience chanted the phrase “Long live Palestine” after the screening of Bye Bye Tiberias (“Bye Bye Tiberias”) – directed by French-Algerian Lena Soulem (daughter of Hiam Abbas), a contestant.

“The stories these women tell in this film don’t just revolve around transmission from one woman to another, or from a daughter to her mother, or from a mother to her daughter,” says Lina Zweilem, but they “reveal the story. People have lost their identity.”

He added: “We fight the erasure (of identity) through our stories, and these images are a source of denial,” noting that he thinks “the residents of Gaza are actually the children and grandchildren of Palestinian refugees.” , like any other human being, trying to find their place in the world.” “.

In 1948 the Abbas family was forcibly displaced

With the Palestinian Nakba and the establishment of the State of Israel and the exodus in 1948 as its starting point, the documentary “opens up the pain of the past” as it reflects on the difficult life choices of Hiam Abbas and the women of his family. Deported with it.

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Hiam Abbas’s family was forcibly relocated to Deir Hanna, about thirty kilometers northwest of Tiberias, in 1948, as the film recounts through several personal documents.

Born in northern Israel in 1960, Hiam Abbas moved to London and then Paris in the 1980s with a desire to enter the film industry. He played many roles in his long career, notably in “The Syrian Bride” (Eran Riglis, 2004), “Munich” (Steven Spielberg, 2005), “Paradise Now” (Honey Abu Asad, 2005) and in the American series “Next.”

Oscar nomination

The film’s screening paralleled the war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip had a special impact.

It is scheduled to be released in French cinemas next spring, and will represent Palestine in the race for the 2024 Oscar for Best International Film.

Hiam Abbas told the audience at the Marrakesh ceremony: “I told myself not to get too emotional, but it’s hard not to be Palestinian.”

One of the notable things during the twentieth session of the festival was the cancellation of traditional performances in Jemaa el-Fna Square due to the desire to organize “a separate event without celebrations” due to the Gaza war, according to the organizers.

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