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"Samir Khanem on his wedding night" .. Rami Ratwan reveals a vision before he dies

“Samir Khanem on his wedding night” .. Rami Ratwan reveals a vision before he dies

07:47 PM

Sunday 08 August 2021

I wrote – Pakira Fuda:

Journalist Rami Ratwan revealed the vision of one of his followers, who saw it on the night of the departure of the late artist Talal Abdel Aziz.

Rami Ratwan posted the news through his account on the “Facebook” website: “It is true to see strangers. On the night of the artist Talal’s death, God testifies that I saw the late Samir Kane sitting and talking on his wedding night. The house was waiting for him. The peace and blessings of home. “

He added: “We do not know what is between them and God, but it is a heartwarming vision, and I consider it my duty to reach out to their loved ones because this is the most beautiful comfort that God has. It has been sent to you, and our Lord will stone them and forgive them.”

Talal Abdul Aziz passed away on Saturday morning, August 7, after battling the effects of the corona virus for about 3 months.

The funeral of the late Talal Abdel Aziz was held from the Al-Moshir Mosque in the Fifth Apartment, and he was buried in the Family Cemetery at the Faith and Nasr in Nasr City.

Many stars went with Talal’s body to her final resting place at Al-Amal’s graves in Al-Wafa and Nasr City, where her late husband, the great artist Samir Ghanem was buried.

Among those in attendance were Hassan al-Rattad, journalist Rami Ratwan, Ahmed Badir, Fato Ahmed, Sherin, Amira Mokhtar, daughter of the late Raja al-Jettawi, Mervat Amin, Abir Sabri, Hana al-Zakid, Majeed al-Masri, Karim Fahmi, Ahmed Fahmi , Abdel Aziz Maqoon, Amr Chad, Honey Ramsey, Ashraf Zaki.

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It is noteworthy that artist Talal Abdel Aziz was infected with the corona virus about 3 months ago, after he was declared cured, he was hospitalized with the effects of the infection, and her husband artist Samir Khanem, who was infected with the corona at the same time she passed away from our world last May.