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A draft law in Kuwait bans plastic surgery and tattoos.. What are the exceptions?


How will the ban on plastic surgery in Kuwait be regulated if the new law is approved?

The National Assembly has five representatives Kuwait Proposing legislation to ban plastic surgery and tattooing in clinics and health centers.

According to newspapers and websites, MPs Muhammad Hayef, Hamdan al-Azmi, Fahad al-Masood, Muhammad al-Mudayer and Hamad al-Obeid proposed legislation to regulate the practice of plastic surgery.

The proposal states that plastic surgery may not be performed without the approval of a special committee to review applications for plastic surgery, while the committee is selected and assigned by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health.

The issue and its ramifications were brought up for discussion on Tuesday’s episode of Studio News Now.

In this regard, Dr. Fahd Al-Shulami, head of the Middle East Center for Strategic and Political Advice, said, “I support this plan, but with restrictions.”

He continued, “There is social decay in what is legally permissible, and thus the change has also affected security.”

And, “When one claims personal freedom, this freedom has restrictions so that it should not affect others.”

He added, “We found plastic surgery to be in some places gross and demeaning and unnecessary.”

“There are medical committees that decide whether a person should have plastic surgery or not,” he pointed out.

In turn, Dr. Muhammad Al-Faili, professor of constitutional law at Kuwait University, said: “Currently we are dealing with an issue governed by existing legal provisions.”

He added, “The proposal contains provisions extracted from the existing law.”

A draft law in Kuwait bans plastic surgery and tattoos.. What are the exceptions?

“What is added by the current draft law is that it reserves plastic surgeries and requires prior approval from medical authorities,” he explained.

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He also said that “individual freedom can be curbed”.

The proposal sparked controversy Country#Plastic_Surgery_5_years_imprisonment posted on social media among Kuwaitis, supporters and detractors.

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