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The PS1 makes an incredible discovery at Gamer Goodwill



  • The PS1 is a beloved console, and a rich library of classic games can still be found and played today, although some are difficult to access legally.
  • A Reddit user found a rare copy of Capcom’s Mega Man Legends 2 at Goodwill for a bargain price, which is notable since the spin-off series has been discontinued.
  • While none of the current announcements for the Legends series have revived it, Capcom’s other Mega Man collections offer hope for its return, as fans have been missing unique 3D action titles.

He shared a classic PS1 game on his way to an amazing deal at Goodwill. Sony’s PS1 is considered one of the best gaming consoles ever. Its rich library of thousands of different games and many hidden gems has introduced an entire generation to many well-known franchises that are still relevant today.

As the console approaches its 30th anniversary, many titles from this generation are now being discovered and available to play. Some PS1 games are still available on PS Plus Premium, giving younger gamers the chance to enjoy classic games from the 90s to the early 2000s. However, some are still frozen in time with no way to legally play them. Fans sometimes go to thrift stores to find classics that are not easily accessible on the market these days.

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A Reddit user named OofBubblesSinnoh posted a photo of a rare find they found in good faith. The image shows a used version of the classic Capcom Mega Man Legends 2 It was 75 cents. This is a unique deal, especially because Mega Man The developers have long shelved the spin-off series.

Mega Man Legends He introduces unique secrets and explanations that are different from the main plot of the story Mega Man Games. With its unique setting and cartoonish world, it offers a very fresh experience for fans of side-scrolling Mega Man addresses. Abolition of long-term commons Mega Man Legends 3 It was officially released in 2011, meaning the game was barely seen or mentioned for over a decade.

Currently, Capcom has not announced any releases related to the Legends series. However, the company chose to release various classic Blue Bomber-related collections Mega Man Legacy CollectionThe Mega Man X Legacy Collection, And also Mega Man Zero ZX Legacy Collection, There is a certain hope that the spin-off will actually be released. The Legends series is unique in that it is the first fully 3D game Mega Man The title of the franchise that chose the most action RPG experience. There are two main games in the series, some Japan-only spin-offs, and another game called The Misfortunes of Tran Ban. With the success of modern groups like Mega Man Zero Battle Network Legacy Collection If that’s accomplished, Capcom might consider bringing back this oft-missed series.

Mega Man Legends 2 Available on PC, PS1 and PSP.

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