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A famous astronomer shocks millions of Egyptians and reveals the real reason why Naira Ashraf was killed!! What she said was unbelievable!


For an unimaginable reason, energy expert Dr. Maha Al-Attar gave a fresh surprise on the real reason behind the killing of Mansoura University student Naira Ashraf, confirming that the “Crazy Lover” painting was the reason.

Al-Attar posted a photo of Naira Ashraf, which was circulated by social media pioneers recently after her death, in which she stood in front of a famous painting titled “The Crazy Lover” and accompanied it with a caption: “This is a picture. Naira, a student at Mansoura University, is a pastor in autumn. Or she was putting up her picture with her boyfriend’s painting.” Crazy, they call her a Facebook page.

And she continued: “The painting of the mad lover represents a man who feeds his lover before killing him. Of course, the energy of the picture is sinister and reflects on its owner. It had signs of the appearance of a mad lover. And he began to haunt her for two years.

Her family wrote more than one report for this man who was exposed to her and loved her madly, but no action was taken against him.” According to Al-Waft newspaper, he added: “Instead of paying attention to the power of the river. The story ends with her killing the film, or one of her family or friends, at the hands of a crazy lover. Only that, but she took the same position as the image when she fell!!”, Follow-up: “Naira went because of the power of her image.. She went because she didn’t know the power of the image.. God have mercy on her.”

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Al-Attar added: “I don’t want to write on this topic, but the event shook Egypt and the warning had to be repeated.. The power of the image is like a spell that affects its owner with good and evil.. Every day there are news about people who are overcome by the power of their image.. Beware of an image .” Wings.. beware of cake image.. beware of cartoon image.. beware of evil images.

She concluded: “Spreading information means saving a life.. May God protect you and your loved ones.. Queen of Power Dr. Maha Al-Attar.”

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