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Egyptian volleyball goalkeeper Mohamed Ali, who recently moved to the Spanish club Senfin playing in the Premier League, spoke about the Egyptian volleyball team and the team’s ambitions in the World Cup.

Egypt | Volleyball

The Egyptian volleyball team won the African Championship for the eighth time in its history, with the tournament held in Egypt.

and performed A long interview with Muhammad Ali, the goalkeeper of the national team All of the following are on the player’s side:

Rivalry with Katunga

“I teamed up with Karim Hindawi for almost seven years at Zamalek and I was promoted from the juniors in 2009, at which time Hindawi was awarded the best goalkeeper at the World Youth Cup.”

“Some may find it difficult to put me and Karim Hindavi in ​​the same team, not because our relationship is bad, but because each of us wants to continue participating, but our relationship is good and we will sympathize again.”

Zamalek and Al-Ahli

“I belong to Zamalek club because I have been playing for it since I was 7 years old. I played for both Al-Jazeera and Al-Ahly, but I have a great pride for Zamalek and I definitely support and encourage it.”

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“My move to Al-Ahly was due to special circumstances at the club, at that time more than one player left, and I was used to participating in the matches I saw and competing for everything with Zamalek.”

“When I was at Al-Ahli, I had a lot of respect for everyone there, only at the end of my career it wasn’t good for me psychologically.”


“My experience in France has been successful, especially since it’s my first experience in Europe, it’s not easy, and I’ve moved from that to the Spanish Premier League, which is a good step for me.”

“There is more benefit in the second division in France than in the professional league in Egypt. Here in Egypt there is only four or five strong matches between Al-Ahly and Zamalek, and it is not reduced. Other clubs, but because there are strong players at both poles.”

“I had offers from Serbia and Slovenia, but I preferred the Spanish club because the assistant coach in the Egyptian national team is a coach there, and it will be easier for me psychologically because the coach has dealt with me before.”

“I contacted Ali Zain and he explained to me a lot of things about living in Spain to deal with.”

“Language is not a barrier for a goalkeeper, because the center does not depend on techniques or tactical phrases, except that I speak English, most of the players speak that language.”

Tunisia and the World Cup

“Facing Tunisia was stressful for the Egyptian team because the expectation is our victory and not the other way around, and they know the competition is difficult and we had enough experience.”

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“We are not affected by playing on October 6 instead of Cairo because of the big crowd, but of course the Cairo stadium is different and its capacity is higher.”

“We want to achieve positive results at the World Championships, but we have to be realistic and do our best. Of course, we hope to win a medal, but it’s not easy, we have to do our best.”

“Our group in the World Cup is not easy, Croatia has four or five special players and facing them is the start, so there has to be a special kind of preparation.”

Quick responses

“My goal and ambition is to play in the Champions League or the top teams in Europe.”

“Is he a successful player? I think Osama Al-Jaziri is a professional Al-Ahly player, on the contrary, Ahmed Al-Ahmar and Ahmed Adel are the ones who tire me the most, and the strength of Mohsen Ramadan’s shots is what worries me the most.”

“The African championship with Zamalek against Sporting is the most precious title I have achieved.”

“The player I liked most at the club was Ibrahim Al-Masri, but we played together in the national team.”

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