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A French astronaut observes a unique scene glowing blue in Europe


French astronaut Thomas Pesket captured a unique scene of the glow of bright blue light in the upper layers of the Earth’s atmosphere above Europe.

Through Pesket’s Twitter account, the image, taken from a height of 400 km above the ground, showed the flash exploding across Europe, but this frightening blue light had no effect, in fact most people did not notice it as I quoted the Russia Today news network.

This phenomenon is called the “transient glowing phenomenon”, which is an event in which lightning strikes upwards in the upper atmosphere..

The European Space Agency and the French astronaut, who currently resides at the International Space Station, commented: “The unstable glowing event may seem like a ghostly discourse, but it is indeed a beautiful phenomenon, sometimes visible from the International Space Station.“.

Glowing all over Europe

“Temporary glowing events” are caused by ionized lightning in the upper atmosphere, and this event occurred in early September, but Baskett revealed it two days earlier on October 8, describing it as a “very rare event”.

These events are very difficult to photograph from the ground because they are so high in the sky and constantly obscured by storm clouds. In addition, this phenomenon usually lasts only a second or a few seconds..

Pesket adds: “The space station is well-suited for this observation because it flies over the equator, where there will be thunderstorms. Fantastic future.

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