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What does football law tell us about Mbappe’s controversial goal in France’s victory over Spain? | Football



The goal of French star Kylian Mbabane led to a 2-1 victory over the League of European nations against Spain, which was also questioned by the French press, with some arguing that the goal was right under the new rules. Is there really a new law? Is it intrusive or not?

Of course, Spanish newspapers, including the newspaper “MARCA”, were very skeptical of this goal, and the loss against France went as far as to compare with the defeat against South Korea at the 2002 World Cup. The technology of the mouse in the presence of Kandur “, he noted the victim’s injustice. Her team – according to their description – from former Egyptian international arbitrator Kamal al-Kandur

This prompted al-Kandur to respond to the newspaper with a message on his Facebook account, in which he said, “France’s target in Spain is the right target.

He added, “I thank the right mouse for comparing the decision of the arbitrator, which confirms my understanding of the offsite article with my decision in 2002, and despite the misconception in the report that he acknowledged the correctness of the decision, at least partly on my part, because it was the responsibility of the assistant arbitrator. “

The French newspaper L’Equipe described Mbappe’s goal as “suspicious”, insisting that Mbappe was in an offside position at the time of sending the ball away from his colleague.

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Offside calculation terms

In order to settle this refereeing case which has provoked widespread controversy for many years, Section 11 of the Football Act should have been devoted to offside only because of its importance, and the first line of which states that being on the offside is not considered a violation, i.e. not every offside player is punished.

The article further states that a player will only be penalized for being in an offside position while playing the ball or being touched by one of his teammates.

1- Interrupting the game by playing or touching the ball.

2- Interfering with the opposing player by blocking the ball from playing or by blocking the opponent’s line of sight or by competing for the ball.

3- Opportunity to “take advantage” of the ball when it is returned by playing the ball or by interfering with the opponent when the ball bounces off goalposts, crossbars, opponents or referees, or by deliberately storing the ball.

In fact, Mbappe was offside at the moment of passing from his colleague Theo Hernandez, and if the ball went straight to him, the offside would be immediately counted and the goal canceled without any controversy, but Spanish defender Eric Garcia was like a bear that killed his owner and made a correction 10 years ago Due to the health of the target – and not as new as some say – the defender – any player in his half – tries to move the ball and actually touches it, but it goes to the attacker, which is a new game and like Mbappe this attacker continues to play offside.

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The picture shows Mbabane being infiltrated by his teammates (contact sites) the moment the ball is sent to him

If we put Mbappe’s case under the previous three conditions, we will make sure the goal is right because he is not playing. எம்பப்பே The ball was behind Garcia and not in front of him because he was too far away from him and did not prevent him from playing or carrying the ball.Identified by text, And this is not a game of deliberate “new” artillery like Garcia did.

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