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A large black hole swallows an object the size of Earth every second | Science


Researchers estimate that there are 40 quintals (1st to 18th) black holes in the universe, and they represent about 1% of the material in the universe; So the chances of a terrible black hole somewhere in the universe are not zero.


Astronomers have discovered the brightest and fastest growing black hole in the last 9 billion years, which is 3 billion times heavier than the Sun and swallows up a fraction of an object the size of Earth every second.

Sagittarius is 500 times larger than A *

Mentioned Report The new supermassive black hole, known as “J1144”, was recently photographed in “Live Science” as being 500 times larger than the larger black hole “Sagittarius A *” in the center of the Milky Way. For the first time, it appears to be a ring of super-hot plasma orbiting a massive vacuum that emits 7,000 times more light than our entire galaxy.

Australian astronomers have discovered this vast cosmic force using dataSky Mapper .. Southern Space ScannerResearchers at the Australian National University aim to map the entire sky in the Southern Hemisphere Press release Posted on June 15 on the University website – Finding a black hole is like “finding a big and unexpected needle in a haystack”.

Christopher Onken (left) and Samuel Lay (Jimmy Kidsten-ANU) of the New Hole Discovery Team

“Astronomers have been searching for such things for more than 50 years, and they have discovered thousands of faint black holes, but this amazingly bright black hole has disappeared without a trace,” said lead researcher Christopher Onken (Australian National Astronomer) at the University of Canberra. Someone needs to notice.

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According to the report, the turbulent appetite of the new black hole makes the massive black holes smaller; In general, the growth rate of these large cosmic objects decreases as they become massive, and this may be due to an increase in Hawking radiation; This is the thermal radiation emitted from black holes by the effects of quantum mechanics.

Every second it swallowed an earth-sized object

Co-author Samuel Lay (astronomer at the Australian National University) says the newly discovered black hole is eating up objects that are unusually wide at its event horizon (including light – nothing escapes). The report states, “All the orbits of the planets in our solar system correspond to their occurrence horizon.”

This amazing bright hole is hidden from view (shutterstock)

In general, black holes are invisible because they do not emit light, but astronomers can detect black holes because their intense gravitational pull pulls them very quickly towards the event horizon, turning them into super-hot plasma; It emits light in the ring around the black hole, called the accretion disk.

The newly discovered giant agglomeration disk is the brightest disk ever discovered by astronomers, with a large “event horizon” and the maximum speed at which matter can be pulled, and researchers “hopefully” that speed is not a record. Will be broken according to the report.

Even an amateur can see it

Because the black hole’s border is so bright, researchers say, even enthusiasts can see it through a powerful enough telescope to target the southern hemisphere of the sky.

The team is now trying to figure out why the massive black hole is thirsty for matter (NASA)

The team is now trying to determine why the large black hole is thirsty for matter, as scientists suspect that a catastrophic cosmic event must have caused the birth of this large vacuum.

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It may be difficult to know exactly how the black hole formed, and researchers doubt whether they will ever rediscover another black hole with similar mass and velocity of expansion, making it difficult to test a general theory of the formation of such turbulent cosmic bodies.

It’s hard to find someone like him

“Although this black hole is an anomaly and nothing is impossible, we do not think we will ever find something similar,” said co-author Christian Wolf (Australian National University astronomer and head of the Skymapper team). Report. Things like that. “

The new black hole has been growing brighter and faster over the last 9 billion years (Shutterstock)

However, some researchers estimate that there are 40 quintals (1st to 18th) black holes in the universe, which represent about 1% of all matter in the universe, so the anomalies of a terrible black hole somewhere are not non-existent in the universe.

The study was submitted to the pre-printed database (Arcaive) on June 8, but has not yet been reviewed by fellow researchers and, if accepted, will be published in the Astronomical Society of Australia).

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