February 8, 2023

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Fear Prevents Life!

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Those who read his famous book remember that he was the author of Elizabeth Gilbert (Food, Prayer, Love), and after recovering from her failed divorce crisis, he became depressed about not being able to get up one morning to eat. The curtains that had been drawn for a long time, then sat down to write some small wishes, and she describes in the book that if they were fulfilled, she might be freed from this frustration and despair that surrounded her!

I admit to myself that I would like to see a psychiatrist to get rid of the many fears that control me against my will, such as the fear of driving a car, for example, the fear of wide open space, and I agree. I especially love to cook in Italy and Tuscany because I still remember the 2003 American film “Diane Lane” and starring Raoul Boa (Under the Sun Tuscany), and I remember the details of all the beautiful Italian beauties. .

I want to learn to draw, desire seems absurd, but I have been dreaming about it for a long time, I want to travel to Tibet because the scenes of Tibet have stuck in my mind since I saw the movie Brad Pitt (seven). Many years in Tibet), I want a house by the river, I have to finish writing a fiction that has been postponed for many years, I have to, I have to, but I procrastinate, this is irrational and irrational fear. , But it is only surrender and contentment to them.

You all like and procrastinate, and we all have a long list of procrastinating desires and dreams that were blocked by circumstances, sacrifices, fears, mockery of the sea … etc. If we could even achieve a dream they would, we would, what is gone, what is the use now? The only benefit we need is that it is enough!

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