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A manager in Ras Al Khaimah slaps an employee in the face in front of his co-workers


A local civil court in Ras Al Khaimah has ordered the (Arab) business market manager (Asian) to pay 9,000 dirhams in compensation for material and moral damages to an employee and 6% interest from the date of the verdict. As a result of attacking the integrity of her body, she was beaten in front of her co-workers and subjected to psychological harm until she received her full salary.

The detail is that due to a dispute between him and one of the employees, the manager filed a lawsuit alleging that the manager punched himself in the face with his fist and kicked him in the face until he sustained injuries to the body. Her co-workers.

She explained that she had lost her job and that she would have lost the income she had earned if she had continued during this period, and the effect of the beating on her body and the humiliation she felt and the extent of her dignity, which led her. He will have to file a lawsuit demanding 20,000 dirhams in compensation. Zabra with 12% legal interest on the material, psychological and moral damages he suffered and the future income he missed.

The director’s agent told the court that he did not attack the employee because he was interfering with the employee’s work and had nothing to do with leaving the job and that he was not responsible for it because he was working at the place. The decision to leave his job unilaterally, he further dismissed the case and demanded that the plaintiff be compelled to pay the costs.

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Commenting on the defendant’s attorney’s defense note, the plaintiff stated that he had suffered casualties from the defendant and that he had lost his livelihood due to difficulty in his previous work. Co.

The reason for the court ruling was that the Ras Al Khaimah Mistimener Court found the defendant guilty of assaulting the integrity of the victim’s body, and he found him guilty and fined him a thousand dirhams, without the defendant appealing. Final judgment empowered by the Civil Court.

While they were at work, he explained that the facts confirmed that the defendant had hit the plaintiff and pushed him against the wall, which left a mark marked by visible abrasions on his right and left thighs, according to the medical examination. Accident and Emergency Department of Saqr Hospital. Any harm, material or moral harm to the plaintiff.

She said the plaintiff was entitled to compensation for the moral damage she had suffered as a result of the violation of the integrity of her body and for the moral damage she had suffered as a result of the painful harm she had inflicted on herself and her feelings as a result of being assaulted in the presence of her co-workers. Attorneys’ fees and costs were rejected even higher than that.

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