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A mass epidemic has hit children and women in Gaza. A psychologist reveals the details


A specialist in mental health in the Gaza Strip, Dr. Marwa Ali Hussain Al-Najjar revealed part of the psychological and health effects of Israeli attacks on children and women in Gaza. To destroy entire residential areas and kill and displace their residents.

He told “The Seventh Day” of his experience of treating these cases for about two months after he and his colleagues created a psychological support group for victims of aggression through his position as a psychiatry and psychological counseling doctor at Al-Aqsa University. Centers at Khan Unis and his membership in societies specializing in community health.

Dr. Marwa Ali Hussain Al-Najjar was at Al-Arish Hospital in North Sinai with the sick and wounded coming from Gaza, where Egypt provides treatment services to them, their field experience in treating victims began last October seventh since the Israeli war machine declared war on the Gaza Strip, attacks. Atrocious, a genocidal war against the Palestinian people left scores of women and children dead and devastated.

Al-Najjar said: “We visited shelter centers in UNRWA schools and Khan Younis Hospitals to provide psychological relief in cases where these places were overflowing with displaced people, all of whom without exception were experiencing indescribable psychological crises. We provided them with moral support and psychological support as a result of starvation, bombing and destruction. We also tried to provide treatment and contact Red Cross relief teams to help us.

He pointed out that the psychological distress they face and the treatment it requires is not time-consuming, but very long, with the extent of the children's behavioral disorders, including hysterical screaming, involuntary urination, constant crying and nightmares. Women in Gaza who are strong for their children suffer from symptoms of fear, panic, depression and anxiety.

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Dr. Marwa Ali Hussain Al-Najjar continued, “It is difficult to describe every situation because every family is not safe in their lives where they say they are healthy and safe. All locations are within range of Israeli enemy fire. In an instant, the evacuation order comes and if you go to a school or shelter center, you face the options of extermination. “They are all threatened by bombing, even if you walk on the road or go inside. A car, you become a target, even if you take a mosque or a church as a safe place where enemies cannot be trusted, from here comes the sense of helplessness and confusion that exceeds human capacity, and obvious and as a result hidden psychological pain.

Al-Najjar pointed out that he moved from traveling to provide psychological treatment to victims of the occupation in Gaza, to volunteering to provide psychological services to those coming to and from Egypt to treat the wounded and injured. Al-Arish General Hospital explained that she came to the Egyptian territory after being displaced from Gaza. She went to Egypt with her injured husband, their children, and family members who were suffering from pain in Gaza. Targeting the residential square where they lived, they migrated from place to place to live in tents away from their homes.

He said that when he arrived at the hospital, he saw excellent service and care for everyone from Gaza, and that there was a headquarters for their service at the hospital gate, which inspired him to do his humanitarian role alongside the volunteers. His role as an aide to the injured person.

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We saw a warm, welcoming reception and provision of everything needed by the injured person and those accompanying him through the Citizen Service Office at Al-Arish General Hospital. In turn, it does its duty to provide psychological relief to all those coming from Gaza to Egypt. To get treatment and to bear the pain as a result of aggression, and it is the mothers and companions of the wounded, especially those who receive the news of a blast.

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