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Khaled Youssef attacks Tariq El-Shenawi because of “The Alexandrian”.


Egyptian director Khalid Youssef popular

Egyptian director Khaled Youssef is angry with his compatriot, art critic Tarek El-Shenawy, because the latter criticized his film “The Alexandrian”.

“Youssef” said critic El-Shenawi was “weak” and that “his hatred is behind the attack on the film,” as he put it.

In a telephone interview for the “Heliopolis” show, he added: “I committed to Osama Anwar Okasha's vision because it is the same vision as mine, and his orientations and positions are similar to mine, because he is a Nasserist like me. Although I made many changes in the script, I presented the film in Okasha's spirit. I am proud.

Insisting that he rejects “flashy titles”, insisting that he does not believe in the success of Osama Anwar Okasha, Tarek El-Shenawy commented disapprovingly: “My films succeed, they break the world, they enter festivals, and they don't bother anyone's name.

Khaled Yusuf continued, directing his speech to the art critic: “I'm not angry with anyone, Tariq. I've been successful all my life, thank God. You're talking about 13 films. You said it yourself in your article. Two films that didn't earn revenue. That's more than 80%.” My films become successful and popular and enter festivals and become successful.” “I am not mad about anyone's success, but I am proud to work for Osama Anwar Okasha.”

He pointed out that he wasn't “protecting his image” and that he considers the word “confused” to be insulting, so his response was to that effect.

In his response to the Egyptian director, El-Shenawi, he explained that he believes in criticism: “When I encounter a case of scientific criticism in front of me, I respect it, but do you think that the journal entries that you present to people as criticism and I do not dare to answer them? No, I'll answer them, Tariq, and I'll tell you that these are journalists' posts. You're not a critic, you're writing journalistic posts.

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